Saturday, June 20, 2015

There's not Mush-room in here...

It is June... I don't know about how your June is in your part of the world but in the UK at the moment it is more like Autumn than Summer. It's not cold exactly, but it's gray and murky and there is a definite fizz of rain in the air! 
I have been lucky with the photos that I have put together before coming to visit family, there always seems to be one that is right for the occasion of what I want to talk to you about LOL... Lucky how that works huh? I could never have predicted this Autumnal feeling weather in a million years, but the photo I have to share with you today really sums up that feeling. 
I'm actually - for the first time since I arrived - feeling a little bored and wondering what the heck to do with myself... BLOGGING is always a cure for that!
So I let my inner fae out to play... 
I put this look together due to a release from LODE for this month's line-up of Chapter Four... The Musha Gacha is just like any other LODE gacha release, I LOVE their flowers more than any other I have seen in SL... I HAD to have a set... Choosing the yellow set wasn't my best idea, it was the last one to come out of the machine LOL but if you want any other colours please feel free to ask, I may be able to help!
This slightly dark fae was then draped in a fur bodysuit, a VERY old release from SAKIDE, and whilst out exploring at the Garden of Dreams, she stopped briefly to pick up a very small - ImmateriA - friend who wrapped himself around her wrist like a bracelet! 
I LOVE being able to play as a fantasy character sometimes... It always makes me feel good to get away from the norm for a bit, and I will tell you right now that taking a break out of being on holiday to write to you made me feel less bored and so very relaxed hehe... Time to get on with being a lazy bum though!!! 

What is she wearing;
Head Accessory & Collar: LODE - Musha in Yellow (Available Now at Chapter Four
Hair: Olive - the Sweetpea Hair in Dark Fades (Available Now at The Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair - Lulu 02 (Past Arcade Release) 
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - Diabolique Eyes in Carnage 
Eye Make-Up: Corvus - Evil Eye Makeup 
Wings: S.E. - Decay Fae Wings (No Longer Available!)
Overall: SAKIDE - Fur Overall 
Bracelet: ImmateriA - Serpentine Bracelet in Red (Available Now at The Alchemy
Pose: Signature Pose - Lizz 3 

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