Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dinner and a Bed for the Night

Normally when I take pictures there tends to be a central human focus, be that myself or if I am really lucky a model! Yet sometimes you have to push the boat out and try new things...
One of the things that I am not so sure of, and definitely not so good at would be landscape photography. I learnt that last night whilst working on an article that I have been asked to write for a new to SL magazine I am working for called L'Amour Diversity. There will be more information on that later, but for now bare in mind that I am working on improving skills involving location photography and somewhat artsy-fartsy type photos lol...
Recently you may have heard that The Arcade is now in full swing... If you haven't heard, where the heck have you been hiding?! There are so many things available and I plan on hitting the yardsales very hard, very soon, but for now I want to show you something that I was priviledge enough to be sent as a blogger box... The items from Consignment are AMAZING - as always...
I've always been a fan of the work of Wavie Haller, but sometimes he - like others I cover things for - will sometimes make things that I get confused about what I want to do with them...  For me the Arcade release was one of those this time... The items are based around a Summer in the Park, and what looks like it could be straight from some American park somewhere - possibly Central Park - but don't quote me on that LOL... The items are fairly versatile though and could be used in any setting - well most of them at least - but I have to admit that things were pretty big, especially the really pretty rare Bridge! How was I going to use it?!
By doing something artsy-fartsy of course... Thank you Wavie for getting me to push myself with this one... The poor little pidgeon found himself a cosy bed for the night in this hat, and a yummy hotdog for supper too, so the bridge proved to be the perfect roosting spot, the dark scary things kept away by a street light... He was a VERY lucky pigeon!!

What is in the photo;
Props: [Consignment.] - Summer in the Park (Available Now at The Arcade)

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