Friday, June 12, 2015

Bang, Bang... They shot you down...

BANG! BANG! They shot you down... BANG! BANG! You hit the ground... BANG! BANG! My shoes they shot you down!
Another day for photos taken from a different perspective I feel... I am loving the fact that I can be creative and it's making me feel really excited to see the actual outcomes. This is one of those photos that makes me smile, because I love the fact that I am learning to do more artsy fartsy photos and not just focus on me!!!
OK so this one is focused on me, but a bit I never normally look at... My feet!!! 
I bought these amazing shoes from Remarkable Oblivion a few weeks ago now - at the time they were a Kustom9 release and I am not sure if the event line-up has changed yet but it might be worth checking! 
I wanted to create a kind of Western Steam Punk look, and spent ages picking out an outfit, but at the end of the day the best part of this entire outfit was the shoes with their amazing rolling gun barrels and the awesome antielle Metallic Dolly Tights in the copper colour... So I HAD to focus on the feet... They looked so good walking out of this bar at the Wild West RP sim that is Gehanna Crossing
To play the post out today, I wanted to share with you the PERFECT song. OK it's a cover version that I am sharing but I LOVE how she sounds on this record, if you haven't heard it, perhaps you will be as impressed as I was... 
Let me play you out with Lady Gaga singing "Bang Bang..."

What is she wearing;
Tights: antielle - Metallic Dolly Tights in Copper 
Shoes: Remarkable Oblivion - Compensator Heel in Black (Available Now at Kustom9
Pose: Signature Pose - Lizz 4 

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