Thursday, February 5, 2015

There's a Beauty in the Beast!

One of my favourite stories of all time has to be The Beauty and The Beast... It, for me, is one of the stories with the most power - telling a tale of a true love that can be found without looking at the persons outside, but by discovering the person from the inside. As I've always been someone that loved fairytales, a message like that for the little fat girl with the red hair and glasses was very deep and meaningful! 
SL sometimes can seem like a boiling pot of fairytales if you think about it... In this case, for me at least, I can honestly admit to you that when I first met HellBone's avatar... Well it wasn't the classic, hot, grunge boy look that I'd chosen to mess around with in the past, in fact and he knows I say this but he looked like a bit, well... Anyway, we worked together as friends, he would sing silly Dutch songs for me while he was DJing and eventually we met in RL as "friends"... The rest is history! Beast isn't the right word, for HellBone, but I looked beyond what I saw on the surface and found something I loved... 
So when I saw that Enchanted was running a Beauty and the Beast theme, I got more than a little excited... 
Then when I saw the items that May's Soul had created, they were all over Flickr how could I miss them?! I simply had to have them LOL... The Beast Horns are a subtle nod towards finding the beauty within, adorned as they are with roses, and although they are available in both black and white colours, I just felt that the black had more of that dark beastly look to them! The Eye Patch and Choker are also available from May's Soul but are to be collected once you have a filled out a complete stamp card for this event. The way Enchantment works is that if you buy something from the participating designers, you are issued with a "stamp card", you then take this to all of the participating stores and collect a stamp which will unlock a location with special items that can be unlocked by turning in the full card... Think I'm talking gibberish? Check it out here for more information! 
Though enough shop talk lol, lets talk more about my Beauty within the Beast look! I decided to show that even though she looks scary - because I LOVE LOOKING LIKE A MONSTER Lol - that there is still a beauty there... Maybe you disagree and think "Ugh hideous"... 
I bought the hair from Exile, which will also earn you an Enchanted stamp card, it's called Librarian Chic, I wonder who it is based on LOL... 
But that my friends is where the pretty stops, and where the beastly devil takes over... I spent a LOT of time listening to a particular song this week, and you can actually tie it together with the Beauty and the Beast theme... The words "You'll realise I'm not your Devil" permeate the track! I'll share the song in a bit, but the Devil in me took over LOL... 
I'm wearing a super cute, but kinda sexy bad girl outfit from SAKIDE. It's not available yet, you have to wait until tomorrow and the opening of the With Love Fair, but I couldn't resist dressing my beast in this outfit... The beastly face was created by revealing my huge Carnivorous Jaw - which you can get yourself from ContraptioN - and then the iBurnout eyes which are a group gift from my new passion-of-a-store 7mad;Ravens!  A flick of make-up, a Stacked Bracelet of Pure Poison, and a Mark of Cain branding her as cursed - which you can grab for free in the men's path of the Jack or Jill Hunt from Fallen Doll by the way - and this Beast is ready to rock out on the roof of her castle in the rain. Isn't that how the Disney version ended anyway?! 
Now I mentioned a song, I warn you the video is a bit graphic, but it is Slipknot - or Snotlip as Hell calls them. We saw them live in Amsterdam on Sunday, I was pretty impressed I must say, and this song, seems to kinda fit with the whole beauty inside...
I said Kinda right?! 

What is she wearing;
Horns: May's Soul - Beast Horns in Black (Available Now for Enchantment) 
Hair: Exile - Librarian Chic (Available Now for Enchantment) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Tattoo: Para Designs - Web Head in Dark 
Eyes: 7mad;Ravens - iBurnout (Group Gift) 
Eye Make-Up: CottonCandyMonster - Dissonance Fantasy Eyeshadow in Black'n'White, AND, PixyStix - Red with Envy Makeup Layer 
Teeth: ContraptioN - The Carnivorous Jaw 
Choker & Eye Patch: May's Soul - Ephemeral Beauty (Available Now as Gift Item from Enchantment) 
Outfit: SAKIDE - Enchained Outfit (Available from February 6th at the With Love Fair 2015) 
Brand: Fallen Doll - MarkofCain (Hunt Prize for JoJ Hunt, Male Path) 
Bracelets: Pure Poison - Stacked Bracelets (Past FLF Item) 
Pose: Juxtapose - High Voltage 2 

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