Thursday, February 19, 2015

Witches and Butterflies?!

Today is the last day of this month's round of The Witching Hour and yet I still have SO MUCH MORE to share with you... Dammit lol... Rudh work faster woman!!! If you haven't been to The Witching Hour yet this month, don't miss out, there are some really awesome goodies on offer... Surprisingly you can even find a few neon colours too... Courtesy of the wonderful Aggie who is on a "Neon, Goth, Drive-Rudh-Mad" kick at the moment!! LOL...
A prime example of this would be her creations - for the store Stargazer Creations - that you can win yourself at this month's round of The Witching Hour... The Witch Love Sets are available as different pieces of a collection, with 4 complete colour outfits to choose from. Me being me, I decided to mix-n-match, so I am wearing a Cauldron coloured Harness and a Spell coloured Dress! She made pink two, two slightly different shades in fact, but 'NER NER AGGIE' you want me in pink gotta limit the other colours too LOL...
I will admit that I then went to town on accessorising, and for some reason I ended up with butterflies?! How in the heck that happened I don't know but I would advise not trying to get into my head to find out! I had LOTS of butterflies LOL... Lots and lots of them... From the light up hair accessory Bluebells Butterfly - of Ladies Who Lunch - to the Le Poppycock Befuddling Butterflies, and the Adoness Butterflies that kissed the skin on my arm, I think it might have been less for coming to see me and more for the fact that I had neon wings?! I mean Moths are attracted to Neon would butterflies be the same? For the record, I was like a moth to a flame when I saw these Neon Wings from 7mad;Ravens at a past wound of The Arcade - I think - I just wonder why it has taken me so long to dig them out hehe... 
So you see, witches aren't all bad... They like butterflies too... What I didn't tell you is that this little witch is getting into the zone, ready to pounce... They like butterflies because they taste nice hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Hair Accessory: [LWL] - Bluebells Butterfly 
Butterflies: Le Poppycock - Befuddled (Part of a Set) 
Hair: Exile - Rain or Shine in Rain 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Cheek) Fallen Doll - WickedFaceScar 
Eyelids: Slink - Mesh Eyelids Photo Prop 
Harness: [Stargazer Creations] - Witch Love Harness in Cauldron Uncommon (Available Now at The Witching Hour)
Wings: 7mad;Ravens - Neon Wings in Butterfly (Past Arcade Release)
Dress: [Stargazer Creations] - Witch Love Dress in Spell RARE (Available Now at The Witching Hour)
Arm Butterflies: Adoness - Included within the Lady Butterflies Outfit
Pose: Icons of Style - Bonnie Pose 5 

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  1. "but 'NER NER AGGIE' you want me in pink gotta limit the other colours too LOL..."

    Challenge Accepted! :P