Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cupid is Stupid, but I cannot blame him!

Cupid came and went this month, without too much pomp and ceremony in my house... I bought my hubby some yummy chocolates in RL and something that I will show you later in SL because I couldn't resist and it was just PERFECT for him! 
We both bought exactly the same card for each other in RL too, is that serendipitous or not? Fated to be together as we have the same poor sense of humour at times! 
BUT, there have been a lot of sad emotions in our family in SL that spill into RL too as of late... One of our sisters gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on February 2nd, only to see her die in her arms 5 days later, so as you can tell emotions are very highly charged. I, myself, am prone to massive outbursts of tear shedding, so even though this set of PJs is blaming a little naked baby, I am not crying for him I'm crying for another! 
The PJs themselves are the creation of another Sister of mine... Solde Rothmanay... She owns a little store called Soul Designs, and was even up for an award in the SL Awards recently in the "Best New Designer" category! I think that she suggested these would be available at the Depraved Nation Thrift Shop but I can never be sure?! I will ask her and find out, but they are perfect for this time of year and for anyone who has been burnt by a little flying baby! 
The rest of my outfit and props were set dressings... I put a LOT of time into making this feel right, to match the sentiment of the PJs message... Curlers in my hair - Ploom Style - Stressed and tired Eye Make-up, thanks to KOSH, and the basic retreat behind an Avocado Mash, a Ten Penny creation, and I flopped out on a cute but somewhat forgotten kids style bed I had saved for a rainy day! 
A polaroid photo of my hubby in hand. a Goodbye I'm Done bear dropped on the floor - don't worry Hell and I are not done by the way! - and other accoutrements of sadness including a Box of Tissues, which I believe were a past Arcade Prize from [Commoner], and a Magic Nook Hot water bottle, and I curled up for a much needed cry!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Recycle 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Red Eyes: KOSH - Too Much Stress in Past Surgery 
Face Mask: Ten Penny - Avacado Mask 
PJs: Soul Designs - Cupid Set 
Props & Pose:
Pose: Boudoir - Blood splatter on floor with dead poses 
Polaroid: Malizz Yiyuan creation - Polariod
Tissue Box: [Commoner] - Break-Up Survival Kit in Box of Tissues Blue (Past Event Item) 
Hot Water Bottle: [MAGIC NOOK]  - Hot Water Bottle in Red 
Teddy: LOTE - Teddy Bear in Goodbye, I'm Done 
Bed: Awesome Blossom - Spring Dreams Bed (Past Hunt Prize) 

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