Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not my normal toys...

My house in SL is my Haven... I close the doors on anything MC related, or work in any way shape or form related in fact, and play around like a crazed hippy child lol... You may have seen my house in past photos, but I will always tell you that I keep it more as a children's play house - full of cute fluffy things, girlie knick-knacks and always find myself laughing when people visit for the first time and think "Woah wasn't expecting that!"
But recently, at an event with a special play theme - the adult kind I must point out - I found myself drawn to some rather different toys. VERY different toys in fact!!! The event I am talking about is was the FRESH Fair... It was full of wonderful delights for the more adult playtimes...
Just a warning before you look at the picture... My butt is on show LOL....
Aren't you lucky, not just one Rudh butt, but THREE!!!
I was shopping at the event, meandering around by myself looking at all of the booths, when I randomly spotted the Noodles Booth. Noodles is normally stuffed full of all things that are adorable... A queen of Disney-esque couture, Natalee Oodles always creates fun and high quality must haves - for my personal taste anyway - but I was intrigued as to what Noodles was doing in a kinky themed event! Looking closer it didn't take long to work out LOL... Special toys... Plug shaped toys with cute little animal tails!!! I HAD TO HAVE SOME!! I mean I never play in a kinky way anymore - HellBone and I are together in RL, and he is one of those very rare SL Virgins! - but still they were something I couldn't leave the fair without!
The real reason that I went into the fair was for something a little more macabre... You should all know by now that I am a living dead dolly in SL right?! I LOVE being wounded and broken, and don't think that I could pull off being a normal human avatar anymore - I get the feeling that I might find it a little boring. Anyway, I had spotted these awesome Whipped Ass and Thigh Marks from Ama and I needed to have them... I'd been looking for the perfect wound for my upper thigh for a while and, although compared to some of my other wounds, they are subtle, and will work perfectly with other scars that I may have running up the back of my legs from time to time!
The last thing I spotted as I was about to tp away from this event were the hand prinst from The {Wicked} Peach. This was an impulse buy, proving that these sales are great places to find new stores that you will  have to check out. The {Wicked} Peach seems to be a store specialising in make-ups and girlie stuff but I think that in a few days I will be going exploring just a little!!!

What is she wearing;
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
(Bottoms from Left to Right):
Bottom 1:
Marks: Ama - Whipped Ass in Ouch (Past Event Release)
Plug: Noodles - Fluffy Bunny Butt Plug in White (Past Event Release)
Bottom 2:
Upper Marks:  The {Wicked} Peach - All Mine Tattoo (Past Event Release)
Lower Marks: Ama - Whipped Thighs in Moderate (Past Event Release)
Bottom 3:
Marks: Ama - Whipped Thighs in Ouch (Past Event Release)
Plug: Noodles - Here Piggy Piggy Plug in Pink (Past Event Release)
Pose: Embody - Tight Knit Pose

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