Tuesday, January 14, 2014

She's Practically Joking... Monday's Meme!

Berry's Meme this week asks us to delve into our naughty sides, and share some of our favourite practical jokes - either at our expense or the expense of others...
I've never been very good at practical joking anyone... Though I am sure Hell will be quick to tell you about the time in RL when he was served a cup of tea made with salt rather than sugar LOL - and I will be quick to point out that he had it coming because he had pushed a cream cake in my face at a party full of strangers!
When it comes to pranking in SL though, I am always far to sweet and innocent and lovely to do anything lol - anyone who tells you different is a liar! - but I did find a few pictures to share - 3 of my favourites... These are snapshots from my naughtiness and not the best photos out there, but I hope you enjoy the laughs as I did when I was taking them!
The first picture is a fairly recent one, and it is one of the first in the series of "Never fall asleep and leave yourself online" featuring the lovely blue-haired Dyson! I love this guy, he means a lot to me and apparently I am a SL MILF - Thanks sweetie *hugs* - but he fell asleep and so when Kenzee started to talk about decorating him, I simply couldn't resist joining in the fun. Those branches on the peeny tree - yes it is a tree made from penis - were flapping in the wind like crazy!
Then there was the time Liquid - my precious baby booboo of a son - fell asleep for HOURS! Hell got involved with this one, and we turned our son into a mail order bride in his very own pink box complete with ribbon! 
When we were just living together in SL, HellBone and I had some neighbours that kept rezzing their stuff so that it kept hanging over our land. He was getting sick of it so he would go and use the toilet in their house... It wasn't really a prank but it was so funny at the time! 
There were lots of other things but when you want to share the pictures of them, you can never find them LOL... Either that or I forget to take pictures because I am laughing so hard! LOL! 

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