Monday, January 20, 2014

Cute Poison before sleep is ImmateriAl...

Life has been difficult. If you read my last post you would see that drama seeped into my SL world and took hold, but I have finally decided to shake it off, tell it to hit the road and I am trying to get back to my old self! If I want drama I will watch a soap opera, thank you very much, SL is my place to relax and play not worry about being made to feel bad.
So with that I am jumping back into the blogging band wagon. I've been feeling like I have abandoned it for a while, and even though I post, some of it feels like it has been more robotic than fun to do... Hence why this post feels a little more like a breath of fresh air for me... I am finally feeling back to my old self again!
LOL back to my old self sees me getting into a coffin for sleep, what does that tell you about me and my SL? LOL - by the way no I am not a vampire, just a classy zombie who sleeps in a coffin hehe...
Anyway, the look was inspired by two things... Firstly - and not something that is very clear in the picture above and thus has been shown below in two close-up shots - was a set of piercings from Cute Poison. This new Hush Piercing has been released for the Depraved Nation Event called Project Limited, and means that only a few of each design will be available. They come in three different colours - black, silver or neons - and I love the fact it has multiple piercings without looking like you have been shot in the face with a be-dazzler... I am sorry but some places really do seem to make piercings that look like that, personally for me I feel that Cute Poison piercings are amongst the best in SL and I wouldn't want to wear anything else! I feel naked without them LOL...
The rest of the look, however, was inspired by the vintage pin-up glamour style that came to mind the instant I pulled this corset from ImmateriA on. I wanted to keep the look sophisticated and elegant, so I pulled on my favourite vintage style hair, the Veronica from Wasabi Pills to be precise, and some gorgeous vintage looking Mae Platform Heels from Gos Boutique. Then me being me I had to Rudify the look a little, or in this case make myself look dead LOL, a dead skin and a few face wounds really helped with that, and though thinking back on it, I could have added more blood, I do feel happy with just the bare minimum hehe...
So to close off this ramble about two awesome things, that I personally think people should own as they are brilliant pieces to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe, I am including the close-up of the Cute Poison Hush Piercings - only the black and neon versions - but I think you will get the idea hehe...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Veronica
Skin: AKA - Female Epidemic Skin
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Fallen Doll - Execution, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo
Lipstick: KOSH - WET LIPS in DARK Blood
Piercings: (Under Eye) Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings, AND, (Lips) Cute Poison - Hush Piercings in Black and Neons (Available at Project Limited)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Black Widow Spider
Corset: ImmateriA - Corsets in My Love, Melt
Shoes: Gos Boutique - Mae Platform in Black
Pose Prop: Glitterati - Coffin
Candles: Backwoods Mafia - Candles AND Skull + Candle
Close-Up Pose: Starry Heaven - Kipi 4

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  1. I see your skirts are continually getting shorter LOLOL :D Great look though, very classy zombie.