Monday, January 13, 2014

Internet Troll

I've said it before and I will say it again, I get so panicked when I find a teeny accessory that I want to ramble about here and then have to build an entire outfit around lol... It seriously makes me itch and I have to pull something seriously imaginative out of the bag at times. This time was really no exception, and it all started with the smallest piece of jewellery becoming the kick starter for my very own Internet Troll look hehe...
The accessory that started it all was the tiny boobies chain, that is available from Cute Poison for the new round of The Boobies Show. When I saw these advertised I thought they looked awesome and the HUD that is included has many different words to suit any mood you are in, but I was a bit dubious that I could wear them as I don't wear a pair of lola nungas. I am happy to say that they look great on normal sized nungas too!
But a plan formed in my head that wasn't anywhere near normal, and you know me I just decided to go with it LOL... I had recently bought - or won depending on how you look at a Gacha - some new goodies from Death Row Designs. The Creature Items - horns and legs with body blood, nails and face horns - were available from Oh My Gacha. I got lucky and won the Satan's Vengence Creature Legs, which are the rare items, and they come with the a few extras, that I decorated with the large Creature Horns in darkness. Of course, a troll shouldn't have normal human skin - I was wearing my normal skin at first and boy did it look a little strange - so when I pulled on the Gauze Dragon Born skin with it's tattoos, it just seemed to fit the look I was going for.
Then after that it was just a matter of making it seem more like an internet troll... I covered my modesty with some Duct Tape - an oldie but definitely one of my go-to items from League, and then accessorized for the internet, and then computerfied things by adding the Codie Hair from Discord Designs and the new Post Apocalyptic Nerd neck tie from Death Row Designs - available at FaMESHed. For the final Internet trollish touch, I had to of course give the access to the internet, thought the hand posing prop from Embody!
The only thing left to do though is to share a close-up of the look... The reason I wanted to do this is that the entire reason for creating the look - the titty chain - is so small that you can barely see it... So enjoy LOL...

What is she wearing;
Horns: Death Row Designs - Creature Horns in Darkness (Available now at Oh My Gacha)
Hair: Discord Designs - Codie in Corroded
Skin & Blue Tattoos: Gauze - Dragon Born in Pearl
Demonic Blood, Feet & Face Horns: Death Row Designs - Creature Legs in Satan's Vengence RARE (Available now at Oh My Gacha)
Earrings: Cute Poison - Rebel Earrings
Necklace: Death Row Designs - Post Apocalyptic Nerd in Green (Available now at FaMESHed)
Duct Tape: League - Duct Tape in Black
Boobie Chain: Cute Poison - Titty Tags (Available now for The Boobies Show)
Pose & Laptop Prop: Embody - Browser Pose 1
Building: by Nacht - The Abbey

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  1. I freaking LOVE this!!! But then I would, wouldn't I *g*