Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He shouldn't have gone to sleep... Oh well here comes Monday's Meme!

I got very lucky when it comes to Berry's Meme this week... Her Meme is based around her fake honeymoon with her rather handsome fake hubby, but the key theme is actually an interview with questions from someone else to her... We needed to have a photo with someone else, or at least that was what I felt I needed when I saw the instructions, and so I go back to being very lucky because I had the perfect picture in mind... 
This is my friend Dyson. I would consider this awesome, funny, caring, friendly guy to be one of my besties - someone I talk to on a daily basis and feel a void if I don't get to speak to him... Hehe soppy shit I know but you know how it is with some people, there aren't many I would say things like this for, but Dice is one of those!
So when I saw that Berry was asking us to be interviewed by someone, I knew I had the prime opportunity to share this awesome photo of us... He willingly gave me a few questions, some of which seem kinda hard, but it's time for some answers so here goes nothing...
Dyson: How did you get started in SL? I was originally playing another on-line community game, a little like SL only less realistic I suppose, called Furcadia. I wasn't keen at first but I was dragged into that game by a boyfriend at the time and became part of a little social circle. One of the guys discovered SL after looking for a place that was more advanced and gave him more freedom to be able to create things. We all got pulled into the SLuniverse with him and that is how Rudhmellowen as you know her now came to be hehe...
Dyson: How did you get started blogging? I always used to say "No, No way!" when people said would I ever blog. The people I knew with them at the time were using them as a way of bitching about people, and that wasn't for me. Though I guess it tickled my imagination and I began looking into other blogs, I loved the ones in which people shared their SL experiences without being cruel to others, and I began to realise that chronicling my SL in a blog would be like keeping a journal - something I could look back on and remember the time I'd spent playing with an on-line Barbie doll lol... So I held my nose, took a breath and dived in head first - on September 11th 2010 - letting myself get addicted ever since hehe...
Dyson: What's the origin of your name? That's another long winded story, but basically when I was younger - and still today in fact - I was very heavily into all things Tolkein. I wanted something that would stand out in a crowd and so I worked out a name for myself that could possibly be found in a Tolkein imagined, Elvish household.
Dyson: What's the genre or style that inspires you most? God that's a hard question because you know me, I like to be fairly eclectic. Though I guess I tend to veer more towards Gothic than mainstream. I usually tell people I am a zombie too, and then again very occasionally my rainbow Kawaii side springs to life... I am so complicated hehe... I guess I will say that I am most inspired by the Gothic/horror style.
Dyson: Where's your favourite place to take pictures? I know it will sound boring, but I think one of my favourite places to take pictures tends to be the family swamp. I love the natural feeling, but I will admit that the ability to rez props and the like here is also something that wins big brownie points. I LOVE to explore and take pictures in new places but the majority of my photography seems to be done at home.
Dyson: What's your favourite store? That's another tough one. I love places like MishMish and Intrigue Co because of the sheer adorableness of stuff that they create. I love Magika, Wasabi Pills and Ploom for hair, KOSH, Cute Poison and Maxi Gossamer for jewellery and well I wear a good deal of SAKIDE clothing... The problem with choosing my favourite clothing store is that I tend to just buy things that I like when I see them and will buy from all kinds of different stores, so I could never say just one, more like just one that I like a lot right now hehe!
Dyson: What's your biggest fashion. . .What's that word. . Faux Pas? Hmmm well now that I think about it, I tend not to fit in with the crowd of people that I seem to be around a vast majority of the time... I'm always reminding myself of New Years Eve when suddenly a large number - possibly about 20 or 30 people - from our friendly allied MCs appeared at the swamp. They were all dressed in what I could call biker uniform of black leather and denim and there was I dressed like a bright blue mermaid of land style look... I really felt uncomfortable for a while, because I didn't fit the biker norm... Now I look back on it and think 'If ya don't like it then it's your problem not mine and I am not changing for anyone!'
Dyson: What is your favourite personally created piece of art? Or which piece are you most proud of? Well another hard one, thanks Dice LOL... I have to say that looking through my Flickr collection there are a few that seem to jump out at me as special, although I do love them all!
* The first was one of the ones I created for the colour challenge during it's second outing. It was the first time I'd done any major photoshop tweaking... I called it a "Divine Gold Water Sprite".
* Another was made as a celebration of the 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge coming to a final stop. A bunch of the regulars - myself included - got together to create a special photo as a means of Thank You to the challenge founder, Luna Jubilee... Check the photo "Panties for Luna".
* Lastly in this picture collection I love this photo of the Lyrica Gallery that I took. Normally I don't take photos of places, let alone share them on Flickr, but this time was different because I was asked to show my photos at the gallery. I almost fainted when I was asked, was the most other worldly experience, but I guess it is one I am proud of... I had to get a photo of my work up, in the "Rudh at a Gallery" shot.
Dyson: What non-visuals give you inspiration? I get VERY inspired by music and my finished photos will always reflect that. Anything that gets me singing and dancing will always get a slightly more vibrant picture out of me, but recently one of the songs that I put on to drag something good out of me is the version of "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. 

What are they wearing;
Hair: Magika - Such 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Piercings: (Under Eye) Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings, AND, (Lips) Cute Poison - Hush Piercings in Black (Past Project Limited Item) 
Necklace: KOSH - Studeni Necklace in Ebony 
Top: DeeTaleZ - Hot Vintage Top in Black 
Shorts: SAKIDE - Insouciant Shorts in Blue 
Hair: KMadd - Raven in Club Black 
Skin: Aeros - Miles Skin in Irish Creme smooth 
Ears: RealEvil Industries - Rebel Ears & Piercings in Mammoth 
Tattoo: Para Designs - Rockabilly 
Face Piercing: Hebenon Vial - Against The Stream in Frost 
Wings: Sensations - Devil Wings 
Pants: Lepointe & Bastchild - S'Wear Bootcut Jeans 
Pose: SparrowTree Studios - Head Games 

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  1. I loved what you said there: "I loved the ones in which people shared their SL experiences without being cruel to others" so very important. I think a lot of people do this for the attention, hits and drama but the only thing it does for me is turn me off. I crave reading blogs that have a lot more substance than that. Yours is a great one and what a fantastic interview. Thank you for sharing more of yourself. <3