Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So Busy I'm Going Psycho

My head is spinning, I've barely had a chance to sit comfortably and play with my overly large wardrobe this week... I've been getting my knickers in a twist and making my head spin over the new SL Biker MC that HellBone has started. There is so much to do - setting things up, making sure all it's new members are happy, blogs to start, parties to plan... Gah it may all be too much.
Gone are the days when I can sit around and work on outfits for HOURS lol, this lady is in demand again! It does feel good, but sometimes I want to be able to play with my clothes too... I need my clothes LOL...
I pulled on an outfit a couple of days ago now, and it summed up exactly how I felt... LOL...
Living Dead Girl me finally found 5 minutes to dress herself up and relax a little on her new sofa, with some rather interesting stuffing. HellBone bought the sofa and until now I've had very little chance to relax on it.
I REALLY love this outfit by the way. It has a kind of retro, rockabilly feel to it, while at the same time still very much fitting my usual slightly grungy style. The flowers in this adorable Truth hair which was available at the last round of The Arcade added a little femininity and when paired with the lace in these ripped jeans, I was more than a little happy. Though as you know by now Living Dead Girl me cannot just be a normal pretty dead girl... I wanted something to show the crazy mood that I've been in and I think this stomach carving from REPULSE says it all really.
The sofa that I am using though has to have a special mention, the Ex-Boyfriend Sofa from PIXLIGHTS Factory is possibly one of the most morbid sofas that I have ever had the pleasure of parking my butt on. I'm not, at this moment in time - thinking back on all the exes that have come and gone in my SL - with the exception of maybe one or two, sure that I would want to murder them. I mean OK they were - insert rude name here - at the time but I've moved on... This guy isn't an ex of mine, but he is someone that's been causing a disruption in my SL lately, therefore hopefully I won't have to see him around anymore hehe...

What is she wearing; 
Hair & Hair Flowers: Truth - Video Games in Brown (Past Arcade Item) 
Skin: Anymore - KimMI in Blood 
Head Bullet Hole: Corvus - Bullet Hole Tattoo 
Face Bruises: Corvus - Beaten Up Face Tattoo 
Top: Corvus - Bullet Holes Top 
Tattoos: Hysteria - On My Arms in Cross 1 
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Stomach Wound: REPULSE - Psycho Stomach Wound Tattoo 
Jeans: Modish - Lace Jeans in Dark (No Longer Available!)
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Mae Platforms in Red 

Pose: Made by Morgana Hilra of SoHawtSL
Sofa: PIXLIGHTS FACTORY - "Oh !! Wheres my ex boyfriend??" Sofa

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