Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My First Photography Commission!

Normally the photos that grace my blog tend to be of my living dead girl or in some cases the living version of me, yet very rarely do I spend much time working on photos of other people. OK there are the photos which feature other people alongside myself, yet pictures of people on their own is a very rare thing for me to work on...
Being totally honest, I don't feel comfortable enough to work on photos of other people as I always worry that they will not like the outcome. I tend to spend a lot longer working on a photo of someone else, because I know what I like on myself yet on someone else, would they like it too?
Juli is one of the bikers, the secretary in fact, of Hell's new Biker MC - Gators MC Worldwide - which will no doubt have to be discussed at some point as muggins here was "persuaded" to join and is now in fact the club's Sergeant@Arms... Long story LOL! Yet Hell had proudly touted my blog to Juli and some of the other members, I'd even taken a few photos of a group of the girls a while ago, so when she approached me to make some photos although I was really nervous I knew she knew what I was capable of... I just hope that I lived up to her expectations!

(F.Y.I - I'm not sure exactly what Juli is wearing in any of these photos, but if you would like to know anything in particular please feel free to ask and I will find out details for you!)


  1. Those all look really awesome! (Well... assuming she isn't dropping her panties behind those dice ;) and I can't imagine how she wouldn't be thrilled to bits. They have a really good sexy yet moody atmosphere, you can believe she's an actual biker not just one of those poster chicks they stick on vehicles to sell them.

    Sergeant@Arms huh? LOL you didn't tell me about this, I will be asking for the full story!

  2. I agree with Fledge. These look extremely professional and you should be proud and glad you took on the commission. They are grungy sexy and she should be really happy with them. This could be the start of a sideline for your skills!
    As for Sergeant at Arms??? A bit butch sounding, LOL!