Friday, April 12, 2013

SL DisneyBound - Week 5

Five weeks already of DisneyBounding... That to me feels more than a little bit bonkers, and reminds me of just how fast the weeks seem to fly by - it became a lot less noticeable once the Colour Challenge stopped, but I guess having a regular weekly idea to focus on points that out!Yet I want to say again that I LOVEEEEEEEE working on this challenge, I am such a Disney fan and being able to create looks based around a character is so much fun. I also love the fact that we aren't just going for the normal "favourites" or the main characters in these movies, so far we've had a few background characters and I really like that! 
When I saw who we were going to be working with this week I was perplexed... How was I going to make myself represent a fish? I know we are only creating outfits to represent these characters, but a fish was going to call for some of that crazy Rudh imagination!! As for the fish, we're heading into Finding Nemo territory... Grab your swimsuit, we're gonna get wet! 
WEEK 5 - DORY (From Finding Nemo)!
Dory is the little optimistic friend to the 'missing' Nemo's father - Marlin. Her singing of "Just Keep Swimming" is one of those lines that I find comes into my head during times of stress, and although I'm not swimming, it seems to have become a bit of a mantra for just persevering! She's one of those characters, who I feel is a little like me - more than a bit crazy and able to ramble on about any old thing, even if it's nonsense, for HOURS LOL!!! 
So, as I said before I was a little perplexed at how I would represent a fish... Well, I think I managed it fairly well, would you agree? LOL... I know the romper isn't a swimsuit and therefore it might not hold up well under water but it looks cute so, I'll just have to wring it out and hang it to dry when I get back on land. Teamed the G Field romper with some cute flippers to match Dory's fins, and some shocking electric blue hair from Alice Project, but it needed a little something... The Fishie from PinkFuel in red, looked enough like Marlin to fit the requirements, and so my Dory look was complete...All I needed was the right location, and I found that by taking a 'walk' at the Beach Walk Cafe - a place filled with amazing corals, fishies and places for the mermaids to play!
As a side note though, I found the most awesome eye make-up for this look that I had bought at SongBird a couple of week's ago... It gave me a kinda wide eyed look in the main photo, but I wanted to include a close-up too because this eyeshadow is simply gorgeous! It comes in a handful of colours, each with vibrant colour and a subtle edginess... I highly recommend the make-up from SongBird, if you love make-up that is a little different, check this place out!!! (See it bigger in my Flickr Photostream!)

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Alice Project - Delirium in Electric Blue (Past Hunt Prize) 
Snorkel & Flippers: VOONER - Diving Set in Orange 
Eye Make-Up: SongBird - Glam Doll in Blue 
Skin: Sugar - Ink in Tone 3 Dark Brows 
Choker: BOOM - Precious Bow Choker in Marshmallow (Recoloured by me!) 
Romper: G Field - Halter Bow Romber in blue (Past Group Gift) 
Plushie: PinkFuel - Fishie 
Bracelet: Sweet Leonard - Big Bubble Bracelet in Onyx (Past Group Gift) 
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Angel of the Apocalypse, AND (Close-Up) HopScotch - Free*Style Dollarbie 4

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  1. You have captured the true Dory essence in your photos! Well done!