Sunday, November 18, 2012

Strawberry Panties!

Who doesn't love some nice panties, and after the post I did for this week's colour challenge I felt I should put up something a little prettier and not quite so sad or depraved! 
I turned again to Lamp*Light and remembered these uber-cute mesh panties, that come with two different sorts of tops - the set includes a mesh bra version and a sculpted bra version which was really lucky for me as I have nungas of the exceptionally large variety, though I'm sure everyone knows about my rants on that by now. Still, these yet to be released panties made my butt look so good I had to dance around in them for a while, to overcome the macabre that was brought on by the dead photo I had been working on. 
I wanted light and fun and outdoors, and the outfit called for the beach so I hopped around looking for somewhere fun to explore. 
There are so many beaches in SL, its so hard to choose a beach location to play on, this time I just opened search and closed my eyes heading to the one that I pointed at... I ended up at Bamboo Beach Furniture Store, set in tropical islands with lots to see and shop for. There was some pretty awesome stuff up for grabs, but we don't have a beach at our homeland so I had to just save the place... Yet if you like Beach stuff, you should definitely check out the store! 
I will warn you though, they have a bit of a shark problem LOL... 
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lola Summer 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips in rose 
Choker: Rebel Xtravaganza - Strawberry Necklace (No Longer Available!)
Necklace: No Longer Available!
Bikini: Lamp*Light - Pretty Sweets Set in Strawberry (Soon to be released!) 

Pose: STaTUS - Page 9

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  1. lol I hope there are no fruit loving sharks out there!!