Sunday, November 11, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 46

This week I have been a busy, busy girl... Took part in the Pulse team's creation - The Resting Place, which I cannot stop telling everyone about (if you haven't been over yet you have till the 18th to do so!) and I have been working a little extra in RL, so when I finally sat down to work on my colour challenge photo I seemed to get stuck. Is it me or have we had a lot of the same kinda colours this year? I seem to be running out of things I've saved up, and I will admit that I cheated just a little and picked an outfit that had the colour in it somewhere, though I will admit that I kinda kicked myself when I spotted something that I believe my big sister Fledge will now be using!
Still the outfit I created I LOVE and I am sure that I will be wearing it more this upcoming winter season... 
Week 46 - Juniper
Week 46: Goodbye Autumn
What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Snow Kitty in Pearl
Eyes: Kunstkammer - Button Eyes (Store Closed!)
Skin: Heartsick - No Longer Available!
Nose: Reasonable Desires - Carrot Nose (From the Frostie the Snowgirl)
Snowflake Tattoos: Sn@tch - No 2 Alike Tattoos
Tops: Quarantine - Winter Sweater in Teal
Skirt: SAKIDE - Silk Tutu Skirt in White
Shoes: MIEL - Snow Shoes (Past Group Gift)
Pose: Magnifique Poses - Into the Wind 

I was feeling the whole 'Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter'... The snow girl came out to play as the weather seems to be getting colder here in Holland, and I LOVE this time of year. I wish that I could hibernate, but I instead I'll curl up with a cuppa tea, a blankie and my cloggie slippers! 
Next Week - Barley Corn


  1. I hate winter but It's the nicest season in SL. Goodbye Autumn!

  2. In Calif we are just now getting our autumn. Winter will not be here really until January. lol
    Cute design sweetheart, enjoy your day off ! xooxo

  3. oooh noooo so soon thinking about winter time. It is not my favorite season. Better be in autumn sun. But your picture is beautiful and you are prepared very well ))

  4. Adorable outfit! Although the shoes through me off a bit but I think that has more to do with my aversion to snow than anything else. Boo winter!

  5. Aww you make an adorable Frostie the Snowgirl blowing away the last of the autumn leaves with your icy breath :) I think it's a good sweater, you can definitely see the colour in it. Now I know why you wouldn't put on another sweater for barleycorn. I hope my post has mollified you, now you know I've put your tip to such good use!

  6. Love the carrot nose! That's just too cute :) And I hear you on the hibernation. I like cold weather... as long as I'm indoors ;)