Sunday, November 18, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 47

Just a warning, after last week this colour went a little differently than the pretty looks I have been coming out with the past few posts. This week's colour although a fairly boring, and similar to somet hat we have had come up before, I have taken it and turned it into something gory and kinda disgusting! 
I found this corset as a freebie at Death Row Designs, the skin was the perfect colour for the challenge, but something made out of skin warranted something a little dark and disturbing. Luckily Fledge was on hand to provide me a noose, and was gleeful as she hung her little sister... I love being dark and gory, I think its a nice balance for the pretty kawaii that I have been posting - though I don't have a happy medium somewhere in the middle. 
Week 47 - Barley Corn
Week 47: Playing on a swing
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Hoodoo 
Skin: Plastik - Aleria in Macabre Cleavage 1 
Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre Eyes in Lifeless 
Face Wounds: Hysteria - Two Faces, AND, League - Zombie Bite Ripped Cheek 
Chest Wound: Love Zombie - Love Won't Save Me 
Corset: Death Row Designs - Flesh Corset (FREEBIE!) 
Blood Gloves: League - Bloodied Hands 
Skirt: Happy Undead - Mini Skirt 
Bloody Garters: Goth1c0 - Open Wound Garters 
Boots: Death Row Designs - Lazy Boots in Zombie 
Pose Prop: SnowBound - Spooky Sofa with Nooses

I hope this hasn't offended anyone, sorry if it has... It was the gory side of me and I will let you all know that I don't have any suicidal tendencies what so ever! I just wanted something a little different from the rainbow Rudh that I have been showing off recently!
Next Week -Tangelo


  1. Wow Rudh. Very good picture. Need you have a happy medium? Yes when it means happiness. But may be living with the dark and kawai sides also means feeling emotions. May be the middle is boring or too structured and save und too less with emotions. ;)

  2. Ah Fledge, such a sweet and helpful person LOL.

    As for "playing on a swing" I hope I'm forgiven for not providing you with a push...

  3. I can push her on the rope swing 8)

    I'm vastly amused that this week, Rudh has the macabre avatar and mine is the pretty one, after a month or more of weird and monstrous forms. I like how we switch together like this, without any kind of mutual discussion -- seems to show we're from the same mother!! (You know, the more we talk about our virtual mother, the more I'm starting to imagine her as something like Alice out of Resting Place... *shudders* Kind of glad she's no longer with us.)

  4. Very creepy shot. Very cool and nicely done. I think this is one of my favorites from you lately.