Sunday, November 4, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 45

Not long now till we are all left wondering "what the heck are we going to post today?" I always get a feeling of something being missing when there is no colour to work on... What are we going to do? Will the colour challenge run again for a third year or will we be without something every week?? So many questions, I guess only Luna can answer about the colour challenge, but someone must know of something else we can do challenge wise hehe! Anyone? 
The colour this week had me wracking my brain, I looked through a ton of pink and found nothing, likewise with a mass of peachy colours, it wasn't until I opened my orange folder in a last ditch attempt to find something matching the colour that I found this shirt. I think after working on colours for so long they are all becoming much of a muchness and I am having difficulty discerning any differences in shades lol! Still I found something... 
Week 45 - Bittersweet
Week 45: Think eating Brains will make me smarter?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Hoschie in Ash 
Skin: PETRICHOR - Zombie Skin Leech (No Longer Available!)
Make-Up: (Eyeshadow & Throat Wound) Fallen Doll - Stitched Throat & Dead, (Veins) Hysteria - Running through my veins in Red, AND, (Mouth) REPULSE - Cheshire Smile Face Tattoo 

Scarf: Izzie's - Little Silk Scarf in Orange 
Tattoo: (Bruised Skin Effect) Kaotik Kreations - Decay All (No Longer Available)
Top: [trs] - Foot 'n Mouth Tank 

Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Pants: Static & Co - Dungarees in Curvey 
Pose: (No Longer Available)

I took the whole Bittersweet thing seriously as you can tell LOL... I mean aren't I sweet? I look so adorable! It was the slogan on the top though that prompted the zombie monster look, my mouth operating quicker than my brain. It does happen in RL too, I sometimes say things without thinking - especially around family! Still... I'm so sweet hehe! 
Next Week - Juniper


  1. BRAIIIINZ! *Cracks up* I love how you've managed to turn this sugary pink into the scariest post yet and omg you in THAT smile is something I never thought to see! What a perfect colour match. If she runs another year though I'm telling you, I am NOT doing it. Once is enough!!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! My favorite ever!!!!

  3. That is a great look, I love how you really went for it with the shirt. Adorable, in that I'm about to eat your brain kinda way.

  4. omgoodness.. how scary!!! )) always surprising s with your posts Rudh. And i don't want think about next year without the ColorChallenge (((

  5. Oohh that, did those brains match or what? LOL. I keep thinking of the song Living Dead Girl...great, now I am going to have to grab that tune on my itunes library,because I now need to hear it, or it will stick in my head forever!
    Great that adorable edge you got goin on

  6. Okay, THAT is brilliant! Terrifying and nightmare inducing... but brilliant LOL!