Saturday, November 3, 2012

Perfect Seat for a HUG!

I made a discovery that kinda shocked me a little bit just now... I always prided myself on being one of those people who knows EXACTLY where everything in my inventory is. If someone wanted something specific I used to think that I could find it without having to use the search, just by knowing the organisation of my hoard. I could make a million excuses but the big issue is that my inventory is slowly gaining a life of its own and so I am having to do some serious digging deep to make sure that things are stowed away in their correct location. 
HOWEVER, it does have an upside because, as some of you may well have realised, I can be a little bit random in the things that I have buried in my inventory and this will give me a chance to show off some of the more "interesting" pieces that may never normally have seen the light of day... 
Today I dug out this rather interesting chair... 
It looks like the perfect chair to give you a hug hehe... Katlien spotted this awesome piece of furniture when she was trawling SL looking for freebies, she showed it to Fledge who in turn got all excited with me about an actual ARM chair! The thing is a touch of genius, and OK I have had it stashed away in my inventory for a while now but this felt like a perfect excuse to put it on display! It's a piece of mesh artistry! The chair was available at the 19MC for free, but as I buried it a while ago I cannot work out if it is still even available, if you want to find one for yourself feel free to ask me and we can go hunt them down together... 
OH AND... My awesome new super cool, kick ass hat is from Epic! It caused much discussion when I went to visit the family with a turkey on my head... Best part of it - FREEBIE!!! Awesome and Free - two words that should go together a lot more hehe!!! 
Fledge and Katlien - thank you ladies for finding this awesome piece of furniture... Now where the heck do I put it hehe?!

What is she wearing; 
Hat: Epic - Kawaii Turkey Chapka (Freebie Prize in The Dirty Turkey Hunt) 
Hair: elikatira - Caramel in Red 05 
Sweater: SAKIDE - Irish Dropshoulder Pull in Chocolate 
Pants: SAKIDE - Casuality Pants in Red
Shoes: Cracked Mirror - Autumn Flats 
Chair: 19MC - Arm Chair

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  1. Haha brilliant, I stashed and forgot and recently came across my own armchair recently too - Lucifer found some in his favourite library and I went OH I HAVE THAT..!