Friday, November 30, 2012

Everything including the Kitchen Sink!

Once in a while a friend makes a bet with you about something so random, it slips to the back of your mind and you never think about it again... Well I've been subjected to this sort of torture, yesterday as I was chatting with my friend, sometime Hell replacement and stalker - Miss "Suki" Steampunk of TwoWords... HotMess, a fab blog by some awesome bloggers full of fashion and the events of SL - she took it upon herself to remind me of a bet we'd made in the distant past... How could I say no? I'm not gonna back down and let her be victorious...
I met Suki when I was working for Seraphim, she adored me and my ladypants LOL, and was perfectly happy in declaring her love for me... Something along the lines of "you are like the chocolate on my strawberries and the wind beneath my sails" - our love could be something out of a cheesy Mills & Boon Novel. 
What was the bet and how did it happen? I hear you wondering, I can read minds don't ya know... Well... Basically a long way back in time she was talking to me about making photos of people, about how girls take longer than guys to get dressed. I know I take a lot longer than my male friends seem to lol... My theory is that we have too much choice sometimes - don't get me wrong I LOVE my hoard and will bite the hands of anyone that tries to touch it - but it can take me hours to get dressed.  The challenge was to follow...
I told her I was amazed about how much accessorizing some people seem to do... I love me some accessories but sometimes you see people with something - or possibly multiple somethings - on every single attachment point, which led me to saying something along the lines of they wear everything except the kitchen sink. So I'm sure by now you you can guess where this is going? She challenged me to wear a Kitchen Sink, she even found me a sink on Marketplace... I had no idea where to go with this look... I thought the best plan of action would be to wear EVERYTHING including the sink - I know I cheated but it really looks like my inventory burped on me... If I had put on everything in my inventory, SL might implode! 
Hope you appreciate this Suki! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: bc322 - Ricca in LBPink
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Make-up: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] - MAKE ME UP Eyeshadows in PaintBrush 8 AND Punk in Roses, AND, [mock] - Tainted Tears of Love w/ Dark Knight
Mustache: RAW HOUSE - Power Stache in Ginger
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed
Necklace: PIDIDDLE - Necklature in Pink Sequin
Shoulder pet: Ohmai Emporium - Pygmy Puff
Tops: (Under) Strayer - Octopussy, AND, [F]uchOn - Sponge Bob (Currently available at The Forgotten Closet)
Glove: Intrigue Co. - Shark Gloves
Belt: Melancholia - Belt Quilted (No Longer Available!)
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Skirt: Amerie - LoC Skirt in Black
Tights: Riddle - I Heart You Tights in black/yellow
Boots: (RIGHT FOOT) Little Britain Designs - New Rock Gothic Boots in Red, AND, (LEFT FOOT) Kookie - Pomski Boots (No Longer Available!)
Sink: Gift from Suki LOL!
Wardrobe: GLITTERATI - The Shopaholic Closet
Pose: No Longer Available!


  1. "I LOVE my hoard and will bite the hands of anyone that tries to touch it" - hehe we will make a dragon of you yet!

    Love the mismatched boots. I'm thinking you could have got more stuff on though. I've personally worn THREE pairs of gloves in one deliberate outfit, and you don't have all 5 makeup layers ;p Also the attachment limit is 38 and I don't count nearly that many LOL! You know your inventory burped on you when bakefail starts to ruin your SLexperience... C'mon load yourself up with bling :D

    It is however a great purposefully-random look. Sort of hippy punk. You might even set a new trend!

  2. "If I had put on everything in my inventory, SL might implode!" You haven't been hit with that bug then, that does exactly that?

    That happened to me once. I ended up with pixelcats attached to all sorts of places :) And then I crashed... so were right about the imploding part.

    Also, I LOVE that moustache on you ;)