Saturday, November 17, 2012

Artsy with Tights?

When Lamp*Light owner, AliceAnn Alter gave me a deluge of stuff recently I was feeling like a kid at Christmas... Only problem was it gave me lots and lots of work to do hehe - not that I am complaining or anything but I was having a bit of a tough time thinking of ways to be creative with some of the different things that she sent. The most difficult of which was the tights - or pantyhose for those of you thinking HUH whatsa thight?!
By now you might have realised that a simple picture of me wearing said tights would be something that just simply wouldn't work, as I have this really big problem of making life difficult for myself. So I spent some time deliberating and it wasn't until I was ruminating over the conundrum with Fledge that an idea came at me - mostly because it was Fledge's idea but it still came at me LOL! 
They have stars on, they come in a rainbow of colours... WHY NOT make a Catherine Wheel. Though I was slightly put out when talking to a friend across the pond in America about Catherine Wheels... He was rather confused - along the lines of HUH WTF IS THAT? 
I hope that he was just being a dumbass, but for in case he wasn't... I found a pretty video!!!

What is she wearing; 
Tights: Lamp*Light - Stars & Tights

1 comment:

  1. It came at me like a spinning wheel of TIGHTS!
    Scary thought. I like your picture though.

    I wondered why we call them Catherine Wheels and looked it up. Don't go there. Ugh >.< Maybe Americans call them Pinwheels?