Sunday, November 11, 2012

Got Milk for the Moofia?

Whatsa Moofia? I hear what you are thinking "that's it Rudh has finally lost it... Moofia pft!" Well turns out it is actually a word, that is printed on one of the awesome new t-shirts to spring out of the mind of Miss AliceAnn Alter - owner and creator of the store Lamp*Light. As an official blogger I feel really flattered when she gives me things, but yesterday I was drowned in an avalanche of new pretty things and I got oh-so-excited it's like being a kid at Christmas. 
I found heaps and heaps of things that I cannot wait to show off to everyone, and if you love that adorably cute rainbow style then this is a release that will have you rubbing your hands together with glee.
I started to put on things, testing them out, posing to see what they looked like - in RL I'd have been holding my stomach in too (although  if you are like me, I know that's a lie I only ever worry about it in stores in front of mirrors in changing rooms, normally I dont bother LOL!) - I had only opened a few things though when a look started forming in my mind, and I became a member of the SL MOOFIA!! 
I had dressed as a cow way back in time for the colour challenge last year, and so I dragged the skin and ears back out from hiding, but then the rest of the outfit fell into place. I even remembered I had a few awesome plushie milk cartons from Katatonik - hardest part was working out which I wanted to have with me as my travelling companion. Oh AND check out the skirt! So cute it moves really well and I think that this little Sky skirt in all it's different colours may possibly become a new staple piece in my wardrobe - Thanks Alice! Then there was a dilemma of a cow girl in a cow boy hat, too much? Decisions, Decisions... Sometimes I wish I wasn't so random when it comes to pulling a look together - if I stuck with one style it might be easier to get dressed, maybe?
As for a location, I remembered the perfect place - I'd posed in my cupcake dress in front of the cupcake vendor at D-Lab a few days ago, but was there a milk shop? I wasn't sure... Turned out that YES THERE WAS!!!
While I am on the subject of Lamp*Light's new T-shirts though, I thought I better show you the others too - I mean you can kinda tell which one is my favourite, but I'm sure you'll want to make your own minds up, so I put together a little collage! 
Which shirt will you choose?!

What is she wearing: 
Moofia Photo: 
Hair: elikatira - Claim in Black 02 
Skin and Ears: Raspberry Designs - Raspberry Black Cow Set 
Necklace: Ongiri - Cowbell Choker 
Top: Lamp*Light - Moofia Top 
Plushie: katat0nik - Milk Doll in Strawberry Sky 
Skirt: Lamp*Light - Sky Skirt in Blue 
Shoes and Socks: SeVered GarDeN - Zombie Popcorn (Past Hunt Prize) 
Pose: FLY LILY - Caliope Set 3 
Tops Photo: 
Hair: Truth - Sam in Crow 
Choker: {Psycho.Byts} - Black Choker + Studs 
Beaded Necklace: Onyx Wear - Sugar Skull Necklace 
Tops: Lamp*Light - (Big Picture) Framed, (Small Pictures from top to bottom) Brain, Missed Turn, I Love Coffee AND Vegas Girl
Pose: BENT - Lookbook 1

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  1. You make a fantastic Moofia cowgirl and no I don't think the hat is too much it's perfect! Awesome that D-lab had just the right location but - Boobob?! What kind of name is that for a dairy lmao. What are you doing in there, you look like you are sneaking around on nefarious Moofia business, stealing the milk maybe or spiking it with strawberry flavour!