Friday, September 7, 2012

Puddy Tat Feets

I've been MIA for a while, and when you come back - even if you've only been gone for a few short days like I was - you find that everything capped and you missed out on tons of stuff lol... I hate that lol, almost makes me loathe to go away sometimes. I got sent some lovely things by some awesome designers that I will have to play around with before long, but I just couldn't resist showing off these boots I found before I went away. 
They've been sitting in my inventory gathering dust... The Kat Bootz from Pixels are adorable. A kind of anime style pair of boots, these come in varying colours - I believe there were around 6 different pairs to choose from but don't quote me on that lol. I love these boots, I'm digging through my hoard as I write this post, trying to find an outfit to go with them, but I couldn't resist showing them off! 
I buy so many boots, I have a bit of a shoe thing, but these HAD to be something I owned and I may well be going back for more colours hehe!

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