Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kill the Red HORROR HAUTE Light

YAY HORROR HAUTE... September's dark event line-up is ready for everyone to unleash their inner darkside - or let their outer darkness get their hands on more awesome goodies! 
I've been thinking of this picture as something borderline futuristic - I know that I am in the family garden again, but the story that was playing out in my head as I was looking at the items available for Horror Haute this month really seemed to stay with me.
I had this idea that there had been some kind of carnage that had taken place and I discovered the root cause of it to be this glowing obelisk which had to be destroyed! Don't ask me why lol - I mean the obelisk that I am taking a crowbar to is, in itself, a REALLY awesome and useful item to have - not to mention the fact it is gorgeous! 
The Tempest - by NeverMore for Horror Haute September - is actually a sim teleportation system, which can be set with landmarks and various levels of access... Who needs to walk when you can have a pretty teleporter to do the walking for you hehe! Tempest is available in 3 different stone types - Obsidian (used in my photo), Marble and Stone - and each of these has tons of variables including 3 different colour glyphs, 6 animations and 6 custom sounds!
I'm also showing off a Horror Haute Make-Up from Kre-ations, and a cute outfit from Lamp*Light called Hello Doctor. This outfit includes shoes and non-bloody versions, but come on I was fighting in the carnage (least in my head I was hehe) and so heels and clean were not going to cut it hehe...

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Tart 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Make-Up: Kre-ations - Sinner Make Up (HORROR HAUTE SEPTEMBER) 
Outfit including glasses and crowbar: Lamp*Light - Help Me Doctor outfit (HORROR HAUTE SEPTEMBER) 
Boots: Miel - Timber Boots in Natural 
Obelisk: NeverMore - Tempest Teleporter in Obsidian Red (HORROR HAUTE SEPTEMBER)

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  1. Wow, you look like a possessed garden pixie -- I'll be nice to you if you promise not to zap me!