Friday, September 14, 2012

Peace from a Pal

When you find yourself making up with someone that you thought was out of your life, no matter how things were left, it always gives me a real sense of peace!
Soph - now Qopi - and I worked together on Seraphim, she's still there toiling away, but at the time when I was managing the blog, Soph and I went through a rather big messy patch. She thought I was as much of a pain in the ass as I thought she was, mostly due to the fact that when I was asking her to do things she was too busy, and then she thought I was doing everything myself... What a huge miscommunication that was. Soph, I have to be honest, at one stage you pissed me off beyond all measure. I was furious about times I felt like you tried to call me out and make me feel like a bitch, but yet after I left Seraphim and shared with you the thoughts in my head that caused me to leave I have to admit that you've become someone I am so glad I can say I'm friends with again. We should NEVER EVER work together LOL, but least now instead of thinking you are the spawn of Satan, I can just think of you as someone who is as mad as a box of frogs (I love that old expression lol!). 
This bracelet, was a present from Soph, from the up coming Arcade event - which I personally cannot wait for as I've seen the Intrigue Co plushies... I MUST HAVE THEM ALL! Soph is in early covering the event for Seraphim, but apparently she saw this and thought of me, little did she know that resolving our issues has given me a real sense of peace, and so this bracelet really means more than just a fun prize from a Gacha machine should! For Soph though I have one thing to say, our silly squabbles are over *hugs* Nuff Said!

Hair: Magika - Draw
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed
Top: SAKIDE - Irish Drop Shoulder Pull in White
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Bracelet: ASO! -Alphabet Bracelet (from the Arcade Gacha Event - starting September 15th!)
Pose: STaTUS - Page 9