Sunday, September 9, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 37

Gah I feel like I am majorly slacking where blogging is concerned... I know I am one of these dear diary style bloggers and I never normally set a need for how much I should be blogging but I miss trying to get my pictures all pretty and then writing something random and rubbish that people don't wanna read lol... I will get back to it more soon, I hope! 
Still back to the colour challenge... This week was another Blue! I had a lot of trouble with this one, and so OK the outfit I chose is just a huge range of blue tones but I figure this blue has to be in there somewhere lol... 
Week 37 - Royal Blue
Week 37: Bubblicious!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: {Rue} - Manes in The Hungry Deep Fathom 
Skin: The Stringer Mausoleum - Pastel Skins 
Eyeshadow: [ni.ju] - Kumi in blue 
Lipstick: Acid & Mala - Unusual Lipstick in blue 
Necklace: A:S:S - Medusea in dark 
Dress: Diavolicious - Sea 
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied 
Pose: BENT - Inspire Shadow Box Set in Spheres (edited in Photoshop to look like bubbles!)

I'm not overly happy with this look, I don't know why there is something that just doesn't want to work for me with it. Though I have noticed a bit of a pattern that seems to be suggesting my fae side, although dormant, is very near to the surface of my colourful imaginings LOL. 
Next Week - Papaya Whip


  1. Haa haa! I love that you're dripping! Or is that spraying?

  2. wake up Fae... may be in the next post...i always love to read your diary ;)

  3. Hey ... did you meet my princess of the universe? ... she kinda has the same look as you ... ;-)
    Love the earth bubbles and that kraken-inspired iro hair ;-)

  4. Love the bubbles too.
    Will see your fae side next week?

  5. Such a pretty and fun shot. I love your bubbles.

  6. The right kind of blue must be in there somewhere. And otherwise we'll just pretend it is. (We've all been there)

    And I think your fae side is not as dormant as you think ;)

  7. LOL I have noticed that pattern too, I wasn't saying anything in case you took fright *g* The sea dress is great. It's a more distant shot than you usually go for, maybe that's what you're missing, the detail on your pretty face? You've got some great colour matching going on there though, I wouldn't worry about exact shades. I'm getting increasingly 'bleh' about bothering, now every new colour is so similar to one we've done before - and you've already done last year's challenge!

  8. Creative genius! I love your photos, I never know what to expect from you. I see royal blue in there, love. xoxo