Sunday, September 23, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 39

This week was meant to be slightly easier, as soon as I saw the colour swatch that Luna had offered as the colour for next week was an EXACT match of my busty flower babes that were sneaking up on Rudh in the colour post for last week. Least I thought that it might be easy! 
However, I was in for a shock... I use the website Chirag Mehta to get the colour co-ordinates, something that Fledge discovered a while back - but this site really helps to make sure you have the right tone, especially with some of these slightly more obscure colour names. Though there is an UH OH coming... UH OH the colour that was the same name as the one Luna posted was MUCH MUCH MUCH darker than the swatch... What was the one to use? 
I tried to use both LOL!!!
Week 39 - Hunter Green
Week 39: Anyone wanna help? I'm a little stuck!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: frou-frou - Mumm in Cherry 
Skin: Mystic Canvass - Sheena Skin 
Outfit: Chaospire - Woodnymph 
Wings: Soul Distraction - Male Unseelie Wings 
Boots: COCO - Suede Boots 
Pose: ZZANG - FlutterFairy 002  

So the look of the week is another Fae look... It's really coming out of me! But this time I went with something a little more painful as I had this vision of being pinned to a butterfly collectors board!
Next Week - Amaranth


  1. Rudh..GORGEOUS picture. i like it very very much..
    oh and i gave you a link for the hair hunt in a comment yesterday ..but that one is already over ( sorry sorry), but i still could pick up one in a shop.

  2. The horror! Love it just the same.

  3. Like a book illustration. Great job!

  4. I never know what I will see when I click your "Continue Anyway" button, lol. Your wood nymph is very cool!

  5. Those wings are amazing, just stunning.

  6. Love the picture Rudh!!! Simply Stunning Wings!!!

  7. Eeep I forgot to comment - I absolutely love this look, and the idea of being stuck on a collector's board - don't worry I WILL SAVE YOU!!! He should have taken note of that warning on the label }B=8] Have you seen the Squashed Fairy book? Your post reminds me of that *g* (They aren't really squashed. They're messing about having fun.)

  8. Rudh, your style is gaining by leaps and bounds and I love it! Awesome job!