Sunday, February 19, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 8

I have had the crappiest time lately in regards to SL... I know that opening a post about the colour challenge, my favourite event of the week with a moan seems rather depressing but you wait till you see my colour challenge picture, and when I tell you now that it was the BEST that I could get you will see why I am moaning...
My graphics card is dying... Best way to put it, the worst way would involve many expletives and should not be shared anywhere that people could use it as a form of proof for a character reference lol... It would make a sailor blush! I have managed to keep up with my Seraphim events purely by waiting for any possible moment that I can snatch on Hell's PC, before he wakes up that machine is MINEEEEEE, yet even that has been giving me a headache as his graphics aren't set up with the settings that I would like them to have. So when it came to making my photo for this week's colour, and considering that I knew I was running out of time, I decided to show you all the stress that has had me pulling my hair out all week!!! No amount of relogging helps me, it will be fine for a few moments then BAM! insta-glitch!
Week 8 - Dark Raspberry
Week 8: How'd ya like my new mask?
What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Torti
Dress: Brat! - Cupcake Retro Dress
Shoes: G.Field - Alex Strap Shoes

Believe it or not this is the best of the bad bunch, some of these pics were even coming up like a bad rave strobe lighting effect, and with GREEN in them too, I dunno what graphics the green was coming from. It was all very weird, I just hope that I can get something done about it ASAP, I am starting to go bonkers. Keep your fingers crossed that next week my picture will be back to it's usual Rudhish standard! 
Next Week - Dandelion


  1. Oh yes, that is bad, :-), but the dress iooks cute
    And thanks for your efforts at the seraphim blog. it is very helpful

  2. Oh dear... I can totally imagine you´re ready to throw your pc out the window. I´ve been complaining about glitches but seeing that... I´ll shut right up!

    I hope things get better for you, and very soon too! *hugs*

  3. My graphic card sucks too, you're not alone :(

  4. Inspite of the batman looking mask LOL, you look adorable in that cute dress! xo

  5. oh that must be terrible... i hope it will realy be better for you next week.. because i know you always so much enjoyed this all..

  6. That kind of works in a weird way - it's like ninja fans! Rudh the Ninja Raspberry lol... I really hope your card arrives soon and isn't lost in the mail **HUGS**. Anyway the dress is cute, it works :) Cupcake dress, very you!

  7. awwww omg Rudh, that is horrible. Hugs!! The "mask" is an interesting look, but from what I can see of the cuppycake dress, you look adorable. Wishing and hoping things get better for you Rudh!!!

  8. I know how ya feel Rud, and it sucks! Well done getting this done in spite of it all!

  9. Aw:( Before I read the text, I was like, Why is Rudh wearing a black paper airplane? My heart goes out to you. Still, cute shot, despite the difficulties:)

  10. Ten out of 10 for persistence this week. I tried another mesh viewer on the weekend and everything looked like black boxes, but at least I can revert to an old viewer and function.

    Can't wait to take a pic with you!

    Jasmine B!

  11. Aw Rudh you poor girl! But you managed a cute post anyway!! Huggs

  12. Aww poor thing! Before I read your post I wasn't sure if the black thing was another quirky accessory. But in spite of all the troubles with your computer you look very cute! XOX