Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am a bit scrooge about Valentine's Day, I know I know it should be a day about love but I am one of those weird people that think having a day to celebrate something that should be celebrated always is weird. Don't get me wrong, I love the sentiments behind it but I just feel why one day a year? We should be telling the people we love that we love them all the time right? For the scroogey bit though, this holiday like a lot of others has really been made into a "Hallmark Holiday", I just wonder when they will catch onto other such obscure holidays like International Talk Like A Pirate Day! 
Still I went all Hallmark on you guys, I felt like showing some love...
This isn't just a sentiment for Valentine's, it is a message of love for anyone who knows me, anyone who takes the time out to read my ramblings, anyone who has crossed my path in either life... thank you and love you all and even if you left a bad stamp on me, I want you to know that I am not bitter I am laughing at you and thanking you for making me a stronger person!
Anyone gonna gimme a kiss??


  1. *blows a kiss Rudh's way*

    Nothing wrong with going Hallmark... I did the same thing! Way too much fun :)

  2. Arrrgh Matie (pirate accent) Happy Valentines day, and hope ya be gettin some of that good ole valentine lovin every day.

    Yah, ok..i am a dork..lol

    Love you Rudh!