Sunday, February 26, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 9

I am still struggling on a graphic glitchy PC... I am not a happy girl, although there is another side of me that is REALLY happy because in just a week or so I am going back to England for 10 AWESOME DAYS spent with my RL family. I don't get to see them very often what with now living in Holland so any time spent with them is great, and this time it is my dad's 60th birthday too so I CAN'T WAIT!!!! The countdown has started! I guess that kinda outweighs the stresses that I am facing everyday on my PC, it is beginning to drive me bonkers. I am using Hell's PC a lot when I can, when he is awake he wants to use it obviously, so I have become something of a cleaning freak in RL, giving my house a spring clean. 
However, after my crappy picture last week I wanted to do something more fitting with the usual Rudh flair... The colour had me stumped until I thought about it literally, and split the word in two lol... Getting the look together was EASYPEASY... Getting the photo, more difficult that I have ever found taking a photo, it took me a few hours to photograph this look... *grumbles about her stupid PC*
Week 8 - Dandylion
Week 9: Jolly good day old chap!
What is she wearing;
Hat: Hairoin - Pimpin' Top Hat
Monocle: Sanu - Earthbound Monocle
Moustache: KUROTSUBAKI - Moustache
Outfit, including hair and slippers: Intrigue Co - Lion Pajamas
Cane: Rasetsukoku - Cane of Hearts

Yes that is right, I am a Dandy Lion... When I found the PJs in my inventory I knew that I would be a lion but then the thought of a dandy came to mind. A dandy is a term from the 1790s that was used to mean a man who placed particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, for anyone that thought I was just rambling like normal hehe, it does have a real meaning!!
Next Week - Avocado


  1. So adorable, Rudh!! I know how frustrating a messed up PC can be; I hope you get it all fixed soon!

  2. HAHA...Dandy Lion! OMG only you would think of that! Your adorable, and I am happy for your trip back home soon! Now stop spring cleaning or your going to make me feel guilty. LOL

  3. what a super idea Rudh!!!! and i wish you a very good time with your family... but come back yeah to my country))) didn't know you live in Holland too)))
    and that pc ...iekkkkk terrible i understand

  4. Nice trip! Dandy Lion, what a good idea :p

  5. So freakin cute Rudh!!! You come up with the greatest ideas, my hats off to you!!! Have fun on your trip home!!

  6. OMG Rudh this is so super adorable that I just want to steal you and stuff you in my pocket! Too cute.

  7. got dandelion 100% right cute :)

  8. Brilliant! Crummy PC or no, you really scored with the Dandy Lion, and the dandelion thingies in the background. Give your dad a big hug from all of us!

  9. I read the text!

    I'm sorry your PC is being so naughty and I hope you're on a better one of your own soon. Great look!

    Jasmine Vege Burger

  10. Rudh as a dandy lion... why am i not surprised? ;)

    Anyway, I hope you have a great time with your family. And that your pc stops being naughty soon!

  11. *Giggles* that's a great look, reminds me of last year's 'what I found in my attic' posts. One to go with Rudh as a house! Nice background too. I know you're working really hard at these due to the pc failures but good to know it's not spoiling your challenge posts :)

  12. LOL. Nice dandy lion Rudh! Clever as always! I hope your pc probs go away soon. *hugs*

  13. You remind me of the Wizard of are definitely king of the forest!