Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rudhy Box Head!

I saw this on the blog of Miss Mayala Loon this morning as I was going through the list of new posts that appear in my blogger dashboard and I wanted to know more... Mayala created a selection of square faces, each one cooler and cooler with her final face being freaking brilliant!!! You need to check out her selection to get the full understanding of just how cool she is, I would urge you to go check her faces out on the Loonatic Blog.
Then when I saw the link to the site I HAD to make one for Rudh... 
I love it when you can make stuff like this, I spent hours doing it when I found the South Park one, and will always play around so if you ever find any of these things PLEASE LET ME KNOW! This is perfect for Rudh, green eyes and a gap in my teeth, just like I have in RL, though the goofy face is all Rudh hehe... I love the heart glasses, I have been wearing crazy glasses a bit in SL recently and of course I am never seen without piercings in my face. I had to go without them all the way through the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and it was like being naked in every photo on the Seraphim hehe!!! 
To make one of these for yourself you need to head over to the Tetocarres Website, I think I will be there for a while creating these crazy faces!!!

1 comment:

  1. Actually my french LoonAtic friend Dom found it for me ;-) ... but I fell in love with the squareheads and alrady created quite a lot of them ;-p ...
    and yours definately like I imagine the happy Rudh ... cuuuuute