Sunday, February 12, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 7

ARGHHHHHHHHH LUNA LUNA LUNA How you torture me so... this has to have been the HARDEST week so far for me in either challenge... That colour I was having really big trouble with, maybe it was my screen showing me something that it's not, maybe I am having a brain fart moment but damn I was SO worked up by finding something that colour I could have cried... 
Thank goodness I have been hoarding any freebie clothes that I could lay my hands on in the last year and a half lol... saving things for this colour challenge specifically, ordering them in to rough colour groups, I spent a while digging through my hoard, and even had to tint my photo box the right colour so I could stand in it and see what matched hehe, BUT I DID IT!!!! What is more exciting is that after hours of stress and now having a lot less hair in RL, I did it with my FREEBIES so I didn't need to buy anything in a colour that will NEVER COME OUTTA MY WARDROBE AGAIN!! This was worse for me than having to find a new brown every week lol!!! 
Week 7 - Folly
Week 7: I'm a Barbie Girl in a Folly World!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: I have no idea where this hair came from I cant find any names!
Sunglasses: EnvyMe - JO Sunglasses
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips in Barbie
Bag: JE*REPUBLIC - La vie est belle bag
Top: I have no idea where this came from either I cant find the store anymore!
Skirt: paper.doll - Roxy Mini 

I really hope I don't offend anyone being a Barbie this week, I know a lot of hotties who are blondies and that wear pink, but on me I feel it just looks plain wrong... Since when has Folly been a colour anyway, I always thought a folly was a decorative building, I love seeing follies in RL, had to study them as part of my Heritage Conservation Section of my Archaeology Degree... Follies are buildings dammit, not colours!!!
Next Week -Dark Raspberry


  1. AAAARRGGGHHH ... you should have warned me ... and I would have put on my darkest sunglasses before looking at that pic ;-)
    but beside that ... you were born to wear buildings ... erm ... folly ... erm ... whatever ;-)

  2. Ha ha, you lok different , not your own good self, but great

  3. up to the beach i would say when i see you in this outfit...hope your rl hair grows soon...;) bye bye Nic

  4. Damn but that background makes my eyes water... I have to say, it's a fab look, totally not you in any way whatsoever but it works! If I walked past you in SL looking like that (and didn't have name tags enabled) I wouldn't know you. I'm glad you weren't forced to buy up hot folly pink *g*

  5. Colorfull. Love your Barbie look, hahaha (Who are you and what did you do with Rudh?)

  6. Rudh, wow, that background is bright!!! But you are a Barbie girl going to the beach! Blinding...yet cute!!

  7. OMG that's a lot of pink! But in a weird Barbie kind of way you made it work. Job well done I say!

  8. You look like you're ready for the beach, fun and cute.

  9. Good job :)And i didn't knew, Folly was a building lol.
    Thanks to Google i do now.

  10. That is a TOTALLY fun look! Everything about it - the hair, sunglasses, makeup, bag, that adorable top & skirt... absolutely LOVE it, hehe.

  11. You COULD have warned the rest of us that we needed sunglasses, sheesh! That being said you look very cute and don't worry, I felt your pain this week, too.

  12. Hi Barbie! Oops, Rudh ;-). Great job considering the colour is harder for you than the browns!

    Jasmine B
    Usually Blonde

  13. Poor Rudh! Hopefully we don't have to go through the brown phase again! Btw, you make one sexy looking Barbie. ;)

  14. ~blink blinks~ Rudh a blonde? OMG what is our Sl coming to? =), gotta say, you look like a hot barbie doll to me! xo