Friday, February 10, 2012

The Awesomest Sweater in SL!

I never normally post about fashion on here, or if I do I do it badly... As anyone who reads my rantings will know I don't want this blog to be about fashion, but man sometimes when you get something that you fall in love with you just HAVE to share it... THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES! Oh and, I am wearing PINK out of choice!!! *Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnn* You can tell it is the year that the world is supposed to end, lol I started going wacky and wearing pink on purpose LOL... 
This awesome sweater was something that I stumbled across when doing some work for Seraphim... It was a prize in a hunt called The Dangerously Cute Hunt, but I was visiting the store as they asked to be part of the next Seraphim Secret Event, which will be announced soon!!! The store is ChiChi's Pocket. This is a kid's store, least it seems to cater mostly for the kid's market, but on talking to the owner there are resize scripts in all her products, meaning that big kids like me can wear them too, and clearly they fit LOL! 
I will admit that I have been wearing this outfit for a few days now, and will no doubt wear it for a little while longer - you may see it popping up in Seraphim Posts all over the weekend LOL - but when I teamed it with a Paradisis Falls Skirt in brown, the metallic glow leggings in pink from that were a prize in the ZombiePopcorn hunt, a pair of brown Death Row Designs BoundCuffed Boots (that you can't see but I guarentee you will have to bury me in, maybe not the brown pair but I am always in DRD boots hehe), and then some recoloured Lola Hair from Exile, I was like DAMN I LOVE THIS OUTFIT lol!!!

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  1. OH my God and you didn't tell me - I bet it's not around now *sniffs*