Sunday, February 5, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 6

Last week I became the Ice Queen, I wasn't sure of the look. I spent a lot of time thinking that it wasn't good enough, but I guess I should have had more faith in myself, everyone else seems to really like that picture...This week the look of the picture that I managed to create for this almost white colour feels like I have escaped from the Ice Queen's Palace or something... It was my first thought after taking this picture when I sat back and looked at it, and to be honest I love the way that it seems to follow from one week to the next! This is Rudh on her daring escape from many years of servitude in the cold and dark world of the Ice Queen!
Week 6 - Alice Blue
Week 6: A Dare-Devil Escape, lucky it snowed here yesterday!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Velvet
Skin: Al Vulo - Chen Skin in water dryad
Make-Up: Concrete Flowers - Ice Queen Make Up
Outfit, includling necklace: SWEET ANTIDOTE - Crystal
Skates: V-Style - Skates

As soon as I saw this dress from Sweet Antidote I thought of an Ice skater, and I love how the two weeks have tied in together... I guess I got lucky, never knew I had this much patina coloured stuff in my wardrobe! Hopefully though there won't be much more of this colour?! 
Next Week -Folly. It's kinda Pink!


  1. oh boy i put my comment on the picture of patina.. so read over there haha

  2. Great pose for your outfit this week.

    And re your previous post, I bought that cake for a photo shoot yesterday -- great minds!

    Jasmine Ballinger

  3. Yay the Ice Queen is now free! And running around skaing in her cute dress!

  4. Rudh skating to freedom! And looking cute at the same time. Love it:)

  5. So absolutely adorable!! I wish I was able to ice skate in real life... but I'm so not balanced.

  6. That's it Rudh, skate to freedom...freedom to do the pink shades we love...hahahahahaha!

  7. Run!!! Folly is waiting for you :)

  8. Uh-oh, look out, everyone. Rudh's on the loose! Really beautiful ice skater, there, Rudh:)

  9. Watch out SL! Ice skating Rudh has escaped! I love the pic though. Great job!

  10. I hear ya on the color! LOL! Love your triple sow cowl, double toe lutz...uhhmm.. something something in ice skating lingo. WOW, you can tell I am not keeping up with the competitions this year! would win them hands down with your adorable vera wang looking ice skating outfit.
    LOVE IT! xo

  11. Lovely! I would so hurt myself on ice skates, it would not be a lovely sight.

  12. I was sooo close to use that outfit! I love it on you and on ice skates though :)

  13. I think it looks really great, and does follow on so well from Ice Queen :) This was a haaard colour. Mainly because everything in the actual shade just looks white from monitor glare >.<