Sunday, March 4, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 10

Can you believe it, TEN WEEKS ALREADY... only 42 Weeks now till Christmas LOL...
So anyway, keeping it short and sweet this week. I'm still having PC trouble, I'm working my blogging butt off on Seraphim as usual by pushing Hell off his PC whenever I get the chance and I will admit that I didn't really like this colour... It was something reminiscent of the brown phase we had in the last round and I swear if the food that this colour gets it's name from looked like this I sure as heck would not be eating it! Not a fan of Avocado really anyway but MAN that colour is GROSS!!!! 
Week 10 - Avocado
What is she wearing; 
Hat: Intrigue Co – Spinning Hat (No Longer Available!)
Hair: Ploom – Hoschie
Mini Planes: The Black Forest – Dogfight Planes
Goggles: BB Creations – Flight Goggles
Plane: AnnaMayaHouse – Carry-on Craft
Outfit: Worldwide Industries – SE Jumpsuit
Boots: Death Row Designs – Loose Boots

I am wearing the colour HONEST, just hid it behind some prettier colours as I REALLY don't like this colour... 
Next Week -Aquamarine


  1. haha as always you are so funny Rudh..hope that airplane saved you from falling.. we can't miss you

  2. hilarious! be carefull with your landing!

  3. I think this is a really awesome and funny post, great pic, and I'm sorry I kinda sorta copied you... well not really but I definitely owe my post to your influence! Avocadoes should definitely not be eaten when they are this colour. Yukk!

  4. hehe ... the most colourful avocado (post) I've ever seen ;-) ... LOVE it ;-))
    and I wouldn't eat avocados anyway, no matter what colour ... yurgh ...
    but I like the colour ... kinda emo-ish green ;-P

    darn ... it's a tenner and we couldn't do it together ;-(

  5. I see the avocado peeking out. Hmm,leave it to you to make a drab color look fun and exciting! xoxo

  6. Very Cute Rudh, hide the avocado with a!! But you still look great!!! XOXOX

  7. I see that avocado you're trying to cover up! Love the plane btw.

  8. Such a cute picture!! I had half expected you to somehow find a costume of a big avocado to wear!! Lol

  9. Only you could have a wearable plane -- love your look big time, my Burger Fairy!


  10. Reminds of something we used to say at school: I'm not crazy, I'm an aeroplane!
    Such a fun picture:)