Monday, December 19, 2011

Your Tunes - Safety Dance!

This time it proved to be a real test of my brain to come up with a photo for this that wasn't something straight out of the insane video! Certain members of the cast in this video must have been high on something - dunno if it was life or drugs or what, but when you see this video watch out for that scary blonde woman! 
This week was the turn of my big sister, Fledge, or Fledhyris to use her actual name. Fledge knew exactly what song she wanted as soon as I asked her, and I will admit I knew the song but had no idea that the band were Men Without Hats - WHAT A COOL NAME FOR A BAND!
Fledge says that she has loved this song since she first heard it on Top of the Pops - an English Music Chart show that was on the BBC for Millions of Years but now sadly is no more! The song has that happy vibe to it and Fledge told me that "the music, the daft video, the song lyrics - it always kind of makes me think of something wild out of faery", a song that always makes her want to dance! 
So I took the randomness of the video and had a think about things. I remembered back when I was a kid that was obsessed with dancing in a variety of forms and the picture just took off from there! 
I took the idea of dancing and put a Rudhish twist on it, 4 well behaved Rudh's having to deal with the crazy one! I even borrowed an anvil from Wile.E. Coyote to deal with the crazy, so much for safety dance huh? Who knew ballet could be such a dangerous dance style - I mean of course there could always be injures, I felt them enough when I was younger, but ANVILS?
Thank you for the song choice Fledge, was good to listen to this song again hehe, where to next though?? Who knows?! Wait and see!

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  1. YAY glad it didn't totally stump you :D I love the crazy Rudh, you look like Delirium from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series (a must-read set of graphic novels for anyone who likes the odd and intelligent packaged together with astounding artwork). I hope nobody drops that anvil on poor crazy Rudh... but they might not like the consequences muahaha! >:)