Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary HellBone!

Two years today since Hell and I met in RL and started dating! What had originally been two friends that hung out and helped each other through some of the worst trials and tribulations, through DJ sets to an empty club and even your singing, kinda accidentally we became something more - although I kinda think that you planned the whole thing by asking me to come and see Marilyn Manson as you knew I love him and just "happened" to have a spare ticket hehe!!! 
I have to say that I am glad that you stuck around in SL even though you were on the verge of leaving, I really have someone to thank for that even though I doubt I'll be talking to her anytime soon - she will start asking for child support again for the twin cabbage patch dolls that you were the father of LOL! 
2 years ago!
2 Years Later!

I never would have been one to say that SL relationships could work, I'd been through so many guys that even I was starting to lose count, but then we found each other and maybe as we started something outside of SL it made us different, but SL does bring people together into relationships that actually work! I have seen the proof, I wake up next to it every day and without you Helly things wouldn't be nearly so good as they are! 
We're going through the trials and tribulations still, but we're doing it together now and you're stuck with me... I love you HellBone Barbosa, you crazy Dutch, wannabe caveman, biker, metalhead you! Thank you for the last two years, here's to many more!


  1. lol you one of a kind my baby, my Boeba we can fight everyting together.
    And together we are strong Love you lots and lots

    Your eyes are beautifull.
    When your looking at me.
    It’s of i am in the heaven.
    Your eyes are beautifull.
    When i looking in your eyes.
    I see the heaven.
    The heaven is beautifull.
    Because your eyes are the heaven.
    I love you.

    XXXX_ Jes

  2. Aw that's so sweet! Happy Anniversary you two!

  3. wow great romantic story Rudh.. cheers to you both..bye bye Nic