Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Dear Diary Moment...

Dear Diary - lol! -
Yesterday I had one of the biggest compliments paid to me and I am feeling both embarrassed and at the same time totally flattered that someone would go to this extent to pay me such a compliment and thank me... 
Tis kinda a long story but to cut it all short, basically whilst I was working for Seraphim a while back I was contacted about being asked to promote a mini hunt in a mall by the manager of said mall. She was awesome and we seemed to find a banter unlike any other time I talk to someone regarding something to do with Seraphim. Normally I try to be kinda sensible as it's business ya know, but this time there was a little spark between myself and this person and things just flowed like I'd been friends with this person for ever! In the end, I helped to promote the event, and even got her to come and join in the Seraphim giving Thanks event. We stayed in contact and I have since helped her to promote the grand opening of her store Happy Face - a shapes store! To thank me she did something so awesome... 
YES She named a shape after me!!!!! She did it with an i at the end as apparently she has a thing for i's hehe, but oh my gah this is so awesome! I have only had this honour once before, and that was in earrings made by Lynnie because I had helped her come up with the idea! I am totally flattered and, although I feel weird about admitting it, I am kinda embarrassed too as I didn't really do anything that I feel was worthy of this kinda honour! All I did was put up a post on a blog about a grand opening sale, it wasn't that hard and took me about 5 minutes tops!
So I am sharing this with you, maybe you want to go try on a Rudhi shape, or if you are in the market for a new shape Happy Face is having a sale until December 24th, all shapes are just 99L!!! Go check them out!


  1. WOW! This is awesome sweetheart!! YAY!

  2. Oooh congratulations! We'll have to start calling you Rudhi now ;)

  3. Ahaha yeah but did she GIVE you the shape? ;)
    It's quite a nice one, but the mouth is a bit pouty for you.