Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your Tunes - Rule the World!

I am sad, the Blog Hero challenge being run by Shay has kinda dried up, just seemed to stop after the 16th week and after talking to Shay she said that it may come back in 2011, but as I really enjoyed working on that challenge due to the fact it allowed my creativity and my imagination to run riot while I tried to match an image in my head to a song and then actually make that image come to fruition in a SL Photograph and so I have decided that I will carry on with this challenge as a personal challenge to myself, as I love music and want to try and get better with creating pictures. I find myself looking at some people's blogs and thinking why the heck can't I do that, and you know I probably could I just need practice - hence Your Tunes = PRACTICE!!! 
Now I don't want to cheat and just do songs that I love or work by bands that are on my playlists, so I will be randomly asking people to pick a song, ANY song, and oh god as I'm typing this I already kinda regret it hehe! You never know when I might ask you, so be aware, it could happen NOW, or NOW, or NOW! Can be anything, no specific genre, no specific time or musician, can be rock, pop, classical, hiphop, dance, tv theme music, I just hope that I can find it on YouTube LOL!!! 
But for the first time round I get to pick a song, hmmm where will I go with this...Well I could go down the rock route, but I will reveal to some of you (some of you know already) my dark secret - I have an ecclectic music taste by the way... lol... 
One of my favourite songs EVER, by a band that I have been in love with since I was 8 years old! This song the official soundtrack song to the movie Stardust, it brought my mum to tears of happiness at a concert and it is one of those songs that I just love the words of - even if Gary Barlow does pull some REALLY funny faces when he sings and Mark Owen does dance like an embarassing dad at a Disco!!! 
So my photo to go along with this song is the angel in Rudh, a giant celestial body and the world, I think it kinda fits, though if it doesn't fit I still loved just spending hours listening to this song as I was working on the picture hehe!!! What do you think of my favourite song? It always makes me feel good, and as of NOW you never know when I might ask you to name a song... Beware!!!

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