Monday, December 12, 2011

Your Tunes - Painkiller!

I had so much fun getting to grips and playing around with photoshop whilst I was making the last picture for this personal little challenge of mine. If you don't remember I am flying solo and continuing alone on the song challenge that was started by Shay all those months ago, I wanted to continue the challenge for my own personal improvement skills wise and so I have created a second picture to go with a song. I really don't have any idea as to how often these song pictures will be created, it will just be done as it happens, lol. 
This week I turned to one of the most important men in my life, HellBone. I asked him to pick a song, any song and the first that came into his head was his favourite song ever... 
Before I came along, Hell had been through some rough times in regards to his RL, and he would always turn to this song as his "painkiller". Hell is a true metalhead that, I will admit and possibly get told off for, has a tendency to only listen to metal. His love of heavy rock is backed up even further by the fact that if you walk up the stairs in our house he has a collection of bass guitars hanging up ready for use! (Does kinda worry me sometimes that we have 2000 euros worth of guitar hanging over the stairs and I have a habit of falling up the stairs and will grab out at whatever I can find to hold myself up!!!)
My photo is a complete opposite from last week too, which was by total accident by the way, I felt the song had a somewhat Demonic edge hehe, the giant needle is the painkiller - wasn't that obvious?! The background that I used is something called "The Door to Hell", which was the site of a drilling plant for natural gas at which an incident occured meaning that the gas had to be dealt with by being set light to and has now been burning for 40 years! Check out the details here, and maybe this is an actual doorway to Hell?
What song will I work on next? Who will be asked next? Keep watching to find out!

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  1. OMG normally I think of a painkiller as a good thing. But in a needle of those proportions... *runs away screaming*