Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O is for Ocreate! Alphabet Time

OK so sometimes people might think that I am making the random plucked outta the air words up, but I am not... I found a website containing lists of unusual words beginning with every letter of the alphabet as I was doing this challenge and so the words come from there, if they made them up it is a different story lol!
This week though, as I was scanning the list of O words, I came across the word Ocreate which apparently means wearing leggings and/or boots. Well HELLO, that sounds like both Rudh and the RL me a lot of the time at the moment, I never leave the house without my boots on in RL and Rudh is normally wearing either or, so the word just had to be one I used, and it will definitely be my word of the week, "Today I will dress in an ocreate outfit" lol does that even make sense?? 
But anyway, this outfit I pulled together this week, really doesn't actually look like the usual me, I think it might be due to the skin but I can't work out why, any ideas please let me know, but on to the picture!
What O's did I pull outta my closet this week; 
Hair: Magika - ONE
Skin: Grixdale - OUCH!
Necklace: Kosh - Wise OWL Necklace
Dress: ..✗Shush ✗.. - OPEN DRESS
Leggings: OVAL - Leggings001
Boots: (Shiny Things) - OLD BOOTS

The location of this photo is a store called Oddment. This store, if you have never been here, is a great little store, it is one of those gems of a store that you don't find very often. It has all different kinds of goodies inside from pretty and interesting planting to make-ups to home decor, and I love it... Sorry that the background is a little blurry though, it will make it more of a surprise if you go in there, but it is definitely worth a look!!!

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