Thursday, December 29, 2011

Your Tunes - In the Dark!

I'M BACKKKKKKKKK - that trip to visit my family in the UK is over and done with and to be honest it was a real wrench to pull myself away back to home in Holland. Still I think I might have to start counting down to my next trip which should be in March for my Daddy's 60th Birthday! Wonder if I can pull off organising a surprise party from here in Holland?? That would be a feat and a half that would! I had a fab Christmas though, got lots of awesome pressies from Santa, had some amazing times with my family and even came back with my not-so-ickle puppy Izzy (you might remember me talking about her in a previous post! I might even post a picture of her soon!) 
Though I wanted to get straight back into the blogging spirit, I plan on doing more with my blog since I have been kinda neglecting it a bit recently, and the post that I choose to use as my I'm Back post is another photo that I worked on for my personal "Your Tunes" Challenge! This song happens to be one of my favourites, it was a moment that Lynnie and I both went "OH MY GOD YOU LIKE THIS SONG? I LOVE THIS SONG?", we seem to have such a matching taste on a LOT of things it is awesome! 
Lynnie tells me that she loves this song, but there are no reasons as to why. I have to admit that I loved this song as it really kinda sums me up sometimes. I like a lot of people have a messy RL past and sometimes being "alone in the dark" is a feeling that washes over me, it is one that I try to blot out but it is always a murky water area inside my head. I block it out with rainbow cuteness a lot of the time, and SL is like the dreamworld where I can be what I want and forget all that murky water!
I kinda went with the imagery from the video for this picture, it sums up my image of the song so well in my head so it had to be the way that I went.
Sometimes a mirror is like a doorway to your inner thoughts I think, I mean when I look in the mirror I often find myself looking past the reflection, talking to my inner self and trying to sort out things in my head - it's at times when I look in the mirror that I find I give myself a good talking to... Mirrors are mean things sometimes lol! 
Lynnie thank you for reminding me that I love this song and why I love this song... The Birthday Massacre had gotten lost in the back of my CD collection, it will be pulled to the front now, but WHO WILL BE ASKED NEXT?

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  1. Izzy has arrived? Then I've got just one thing to say: WE WANT PICTURES! And lots of them ;)