Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Glasses!

This Friday in RL, I will be able to collect my new glasses! I have had my old pair for coming on 10 years now, oh my gah that long, I was in my final year of secondary school about 15 or 16 years old when I got the pair I wear all the time, and they are really starting to show many signs of wear! Just the other day one of the supports that helps them sit comfortably on my nose broke off, and they are really looking old, so just in time for Christmas, Specsavers have come to the rescue! 
Then when I had ordered them, and had my eyes tested with the whole reading off the funny chart deal - you try doing that in a different language by the way, Dutch and English Vowels are kinda mixed up in their pronounciation, I was getting totally confused!
Rudh was getting jealous however, she wanted some new specs too... So look at the AWESOME Specs that I found for her!! They would so clash with the most awesome hat in the world, but I bet they are the kinda specs that someone like Elton John would love to have in his collection! LOL...
These awesome little specs do not come from Specsavers, though really I think they are missing a trick there! They are from the cute little store that is Razzberry Inc - I think they may have been made for a child avi, but in all fairness Rudh is just a big kid lol! 
Hope that in all the cold weather, they dont get all Frosty and freeze up LOL!!!!

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  1. I know all about wearing a pair of glasses until they fall off your face. LOL! Congrats on the new RL pair!