Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lynnie made a Pretty Picture!

I am going away today, will be home in England with my family for 5 days or so, but I had to just post this before I went MIA, I am already getting withdrawal symptoms from blogging! eeep!
There are two friends that I have made in SL who I hope will be there with me always, Fledge has become and will remain my big sister always! Today is her RL Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLEDGIE if you read this!
Though this post is dedicated to Lynnieloo, who created a gorgeous holiday photo of the two of us that I simply had to share!
Lynnieloo is my best friend, someone who I have trouble getting through a day without talking to, someone who is always there no matter what to help me up when I fall - and trust me there has been a lot of that this past few months, and someone who makes me laugh like no other. Isn't that what best friends are for? Lynaja and I seem to keep magically finding things that we both love and neither of us knew the other loved, her song choice - which I am working on - proved to be the latest thing in the list, but everyday she makes me smile and being without her is, well, it's like losing one of my legs - I'd be all wonky! Worse than I am now!
So this one is for you Lynnieloo, how could I resist sharing this gorgeous picture, Happy Christmas Babe I hope you and Daizy have a great one, and I will be missing you every day so EMAIL ME DAMMIT hehe! *hugs*

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