Thursday, March 24, 2011

Albero Kawaii Hunt - A good pain in the butt!!!

Everyone should know by now that I am a serial treasure hunter, if I run out of hunts to do I find myself shopping at stores that I have discovered while on hunts, and OK that is a good thing as I get new stuff but when you have a limited $L account then it can be a real problem lol... I have started using the SL Hunts Website as it seems to be the most up to date information about hunts that are currently running complete with links to blogs for more details. 
I noticed one there yesterday that was for a Kawaii Hunt at Albero... 

I like Kawaii, it brings out my cute side and Albero is just such a cute place anyway, I teleported myself over there to get hunting... On arrival you get a HUD that gives you a link to a picture clue, when you find the place the picture was taken then you find a little log, which will give you the next clue... As this happens the HUD will fill up and once this is filled, it's like being a kid at Christmas time.
The collection of prizes is essentially a kawaii lovers dream, and I was loving everything that I pulled out of the prize boxes... My favourite being a desk from Cheeky Pea. 
I had wanted to create a blogging space for myself for a while, somewhere that I could sit in peace... I snuck up to my hiding place in the attic and put out my desk, then with a little Shakespeare for inspiration, I settled with this, 

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