Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Down on the Rollercoaster

Picture called Sad, can be seen here
Things never turn out how you want them to be and SL is known to be a roller coaster at the best of times. Today was probably one of my lower moments, and gee it isn't even 8am! I logged in this morning to a land where there was drama pouring out of the seams, I had been caught up on the periphery for a couple of days but yesterday I thought that I had managed to sweep all that under the carpet and move on. Unfortunately, SL didn't get the memo, guess it serves me right for not leaving a note on the fridge or something, but the carpet had been moved and I was plunged into the middle of the drama. 
Being accused of something that really was not my fault, I began to feel bullied, the person in question would not stop trying to justify the things that were being said to me even when I had obviously asked him to leave me alone, he even threatened to report me to LL if I showed anyone the conversation. I was in IM with him, I had no idea where he was and I couldn't find how to mute the person just from the IM - thank you LL for being so helpful there and if anyone knows how to do it can they PLEASE let me know for future reference. 
The cyber-bullying has got to stop... People can not be allowed to carry on doing this... OK for me this was a one off event from that person, but there were other people that I called friends involved, so where the heck is my escape from reality if my escape is marred by this kind of bullshit? SL isn't the place I want to feel victimised and bullied, I want it to be fun and laughter and crazy stuff that I can't do in RL... 
My heart goes out to anyone that is being bullied, be it in RL or via cyberspace, I hope that you can find the strength to get help, and that the bullies take a long look in the mirror and realise that it is them that is the weaker person... Question is once I report this jerk, will LL step up and do anything about it?

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  1. Misery loves company. Mute the person and never look back. You have the makings of a great blog, keep yourself involved in your blog. Whether it be hunts, a free anything, write about it. You have a following of blogger friends who support you on the creation THIS blog. I wanna see more pretty pictures of you Rudh. ~Huggs~