Friday, March 25, 2011


I haven't posted a favourite places post for a while now, but I felt that it was time to get back on the band wagon and rabbit on about the places that I highly recommend...
This time we delve deep into the awesomeness that is Concrete Flowers and Kosh... Yes I know it is two stores, BUT the owners are one couple and they run the stores together, plus I wanna pimp them out this way so *pokes her tongue out*

Owned by super couple, Lynaja Bade and Daizy Dumpling,  these stores are normally my first stop for when I am looking for something with out a specific store in mind. They create gorgeous skins, interesting furniture and household furnishings, awesome and useful clothing to mix and match, jewellery that I wear almost constantly and some wacky stuff that you don't even realise you need until you see it there in store. 
From Concrete Flowers, just a mere hint of the wild and wonderful
From Kosh, a taste of the darker side of life
If you haven't been to Concrete Flowers or Kosh then you damn well should... Lynnie, I had to put pee and poo in the blog, you know I did they are my FAVOURITE plushies ever!!!!


  1. Yep, I think your right, I need to check out these two places. Love the "pilar" in the first pic..LOL. *huggs*

    Ps..kewl slide pix to!

  2. thats really nice of you, friend <3 thank you for making an extra post about our shitty stores.*huggies*<3