Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday, March 19th was my RL 25th Birthday... I will admit that I have been feeling a bit down on the run-up to my special day as it was to be the first that I have not been surrounded by my RL family and that money is a bit tight in RL which meant I wouldn't be going out dancing... Yet my SL friends and family pulled through for me and helped me celebrate in style, and at the same time proved to me that my best friends are always with me through the magical internet!
The party was a costume 'come as whatever you want' party with Hell as a DJ... and everyone pulled out the stops looking awesome... My outfit I cannot totally reveal as I am holding on to it with just a hint at the overall look till next week's colour posting,  I was wearing white which I got all excited to discover is next week's colour... My outfit had me giggling though when HellBone and I were there together, he was Marilyn Manson and I was something so uber cute that I think the real Marilyn would have had a fit at being seen with it... 
I just wanted to say to everyone who came, thank you for helping me celebrate my quarter of a century, and for all the lovely presents (I got a few pairs of shoes, everyone knows me so WELL hehe) and for making me feel special when I had been feeling so low!! For those of you that couldn't make it I still love you too, but you really missed out hehe... Here's some pretty pictures, I know that some are blurry but people weren't rezzing well and they were all jiggling lol... 


  1. Awww Rudh, I am so glad you had a good time in SL for your RL bday.
    Happy Belated Beautiful