Saturday, March 12, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 19!

For this week's look, I was left thinking of Shakespeare's Hamlet... I was one of those weird kids at school that actually enjoyed studying Shakespeare, my Mum had read me Midsummer Nights Dream when I was very little, sounds weird but in all essence it is just a fairytale, and she has since told me that when she was growing up she wanted to name her first child after either Oberon or Titania (thank god she went with Emily, I don't wanna know how much I would have been teased if I had been named 'Tit' - a redhead called Tit, can you imagine it??) Now I'll admit that Hamlet has a bad reputation, especially where the Theater is concerned, yet it like most Shakespeare is full of messages that can be interpreted and used in modern life. The quote "The apparel oft proclaims the man." (William Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1.3) would DEFINITELY work in this challenge, as well as in life, people define each other by their clothing, first impressions are made on appearance, and well this challenge is based on apparel and showing our individual styles each week...So on that note,
Week 19...
Week 19: Had to climb through a bush, but I found a skull... All part of my RL job coming into SL I suppose lol
What is she wearing;
Hair: [Shag] - Sylph
Skin: *~{Frick}~* - Bloody Decay
Blindfold: -=FORSAKEN=- - See No Evil Blindfold (previous hunt prize)
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips (Dark)
Necklace: [Atomic] - Painful Sleep
Outfit: [bubble] - Headhunter Dress (previous hunt prize)
Armband: ::Yellow Jester:: - Voodoo (previous hunt prize)

See I wasn't just rambling on about Shakespeare for no reason, it does all fit together... Next Week though be prepared for something HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE, it's week 20 and that will mean a collaboration with Miss Mayala Loon, PLUS if that was not enough next Saturday (the 19th) is MY RL BIRTHDAY... so expect something EPIC! 

Next Week - SKY BLUE...


  1. Love that look ... and the way you look at the skull ... you're not thinking of it as YUMMY, do you?!?
    Hey ... I love Shakespeare too ... the more funny stuff as well as the drama ... tho rather Macbeth than Hamlet ;-)
    Now ... that gives me an idea for maybe week 30 ... lol
    But first we have to solve week 20 ... looking forward to it ;-)))

  2. Oh my god... You can tell I was tired when I wrote the post lol I ranted on about Hamlet when it is a Macbeth ish pose... LOL Still the Hamlet quote applies and it all kinda ties together LOL

  3. Ooh, awesome look!! Totally Hamlet with poor Yorrick in hand!

  4. Ooooo Twisted!! Hehe Cute pics!! I so cannot wait for sky blue...... !

  5. Lol! I love the post and the look! You crack me up Rudh!

  6. WHOA! How long you been hiding that skull? LOL.
    I love your post, and I think you look uber sexy.

  7. You and the skull look good together, lol, love the outfit!

  8. lol that's fantastic, very sinister >:)

    But... next week you're promising EPIC with SKY BLUE? Good luck with that one LOL!

  9. hehe that skull is umber too:) nice post again...

  10. Yeah I think "Tit" would totally not work. ;-) I grew up loving Shakespeare too, trust me. Yer not alone. For me it was Romeo & Juliet, tho. :-)

    Awesome outfit too!