Friday, September 11, 2020

The search for Coffee...

 Friday is officially my first day of the week that I'm not having to go out to work in RL... I am SUPER LAZY on days like today, I woke up so late and then lad a lazy lunch, took a long hot shower and have spent the day getting some of the stuff I needed to do done in SL! It's been great... BUT here's the thing... I log into SL and drink my first cuppa coffee while shopping or checking out blogs... DO NOT EXPECT ME TO PAY ATTENTION TO YOU LOL... Before that first cuppa coffee - after which I become more normal and switch to tea - Rudh is a no disturbance zone lol, you message at your own risk... 

I had just woken up this morning and was in search of my first cup of coffee... I must have looked like a bit of a mess lol... Comfortable slouchy clothing - although these new "What's The Tee?" Shirts from Misschevious that are available tomorrow for the Saturday Sale, are super cute and don't deserve to be used as slouchy wear, they could look great all dressed up too! I'm only just awake, I pulled on the wrong glasses - it's hard to see without my reading glasses and in the dark I pulled on my Ananas "Henry's Hands Glasses" instead so I'm blind as a bat... Teddy and I went in search of coffee... 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Doe - Twist in Colors A 
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory 
Glasses: Ananas - Henry's Hands in Glasses 
Top: Misschevious - What's The Tee? in Dork Pack Weird Girl (Available Saturday 12th for Saturday Sale)
Teddy: EQUAL - Sinister Attic Gacha Item in Teddy Bear 
Pants: PSEUDO - Minthe Trousers in Black  
Pose: NANTRA - 6 Feet of Separation, Pose 1M 
Coffee Machine: dust bunny - coffee machine 
Backdrop: David Heather - Kitchen Backdrop RARE (Available for use at Backdrop City

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